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Usability and function of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

From the beginning we often discuss the Blackberry desktop manager. Maybe some of the readers not understand fully what the heck BlackBerry Desktop Manager? and what we can do with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, in short usability and function?. Well we will explain a little about the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. BlackBerry Desktop Manager is an application that will bridge between BlackBerry devices that we have with computer / notebook which we have anyway (meaning he does not belong to someone else. He ... he ...). The short description is probably this application has a function similar to the Nokia PC Suite for mobile phones that uses Nokia or Motorola Phone Tools for Motorola etc. mobile users. However, if the application on the Nokia PC Suite has the function of just about copy - paste or sync data as well as applications running modem, another to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager that has a more complete functionality.

Here Usefulness BlackBerry Desktop Manager:

1. As an application for synchronization between a BlackBerry device with Computer / Notebook (Data, Contacts, Calendar and Media).
2. As an application for the transfer of data (music, videos, etc.) from Computer to a BlackBerry device or vice versa.
3. As an application to Back Up and Restore Data and BlackBerry OS.
4. As an application to add applications on BlackBerry devices.
5. As an application to update the BlackBerry OS.
6. As a medium to be as a modem and connect to the internet via a computer.

Similarly, descriptions and usability of our BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

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