Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

How to Avoid the BlackBerry PlayBook Not So Fast Heat

For those BlackBerry PlayBook users, have you had where you got the BlackBerry Playbook - got warmed up when you remove it in your bag or even when you are not using?, Not dismiss the possibility of SmartPhone devices and BlackBerry Playbook you had a little heated when you are not using . This is possible because there is still activity in the Palybook BlackBerry, BlackBerry PlayBook means you still run certain applications that you do not realize. This also happened on the new iPad competitors.

BlackBerry Playbook is actually heating up because of the persistence of the activity on the device. Well for those of you BlackBerry PlayBook users who have experienced these events, there is a light of our tips that might be a solution to avoid your device from overheating. The following tips:

* If you are not using your BlackBerry PlayBook again or have completed to use , you should turn off the device (Power Off).
* If you are storing your device in Stand-By position, you should keep your Playbook BlackBerry device in a standing position or vertically so certainly no one who can touch the screen your device.
* Close all applications that have been completed to open. including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

May be useful ..!

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