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Tips for Blackberry Not Slow

Has gadgets like blackberry it is not just only have it without paying attention to other things that make the performance of BB increasingly aka slow decline. So BB also need attention or care that activities such as BBM chat, status updates on social networks, ym chat, browsing, email, and other activities are not hampered just because you BB slow.

For blackberry users, we must understand that the smart gadget (smartphone) also has limitations, especially in terms of memory. Most annoying if BBM chat is cool to suddenly appear hourglass BB being slow. For that we need to maintain the performance of blackberry that we got, need some tips for blackberry is not slow.

Here are some Tips for Blackberry Not Slow that can improve the performance of your BB and BB certainly made durable.

1. Not too much to install apps from blackberry app world. Install applications of essential importance only and remove (delete) unused applications. If you like to use a theme, the theme is casual wear and not heavy.

2. Try to limit the BBM group, the group is necessary. I while many group chat on BBM, BB became very slow. So get out of the group that you think is not important, because the group is the largest contributor to BBM garbage that makes us be slow BB.

3. Diligent rajinlah did clear a log that can be done by pressing Alt + LG + LG> BlackBerry Menu> Clear Log.

4. Store photos, songs, videos and others should be stored into an external memory or media card. You do this by going into your BlackBerry Menu> Options> Memory> Media Card Support switch to ON.

5. If you're browsing through BB maniac, rajinlah delete a cache memory in your browser by going into your BlackBerry Menu> Browser> Options> Cache Operations> clear history.

6. Clean up memory by going into your BlackBerry Menu> Options> Security Options> Memory Cleaning> Change status to ENABLE position> BB Menu> Clean Now.

7. Remove unnecessary emails.

8. When slow, if you use the BB keyboard simultaneously press the right Alt key - Caps / aA button (right side near the sym key) - del button - finish.

Those are some Tips For Blackberry Not Slow that might be a solution for you that weighting is often slow. Thank you.

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