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Download Time Tracker Application: Application Recorder Duration Time

You need to record every activity on your smartphone such as how long you call, or how many SMS are sent or you can record the duration of each activity that you do. Now available applications that can meet your needs. Time Tracker application Celcob fib is a simple application which you can use to track and record the time of each activity undertaken with your BlackBerry smartphone. This application can help you measure the time spent in the task - your professional tasks that you routinely do as Call, Email, SMS, Meetings, etc. And also you can allocate time for activities - such activities.

This application is simple yet stunning and easy to use and is ideal to have if you are a consultant, attorney, accountant, vendors or anyone who needs to track time, costs, productivity or efficiency. And the advantages of this application is all the information that you are doing you can review the detail report through the Excel file that you can request through the application and send it to your email, or you can view a summary of every activity that you do BalckBerry directly on your device.

The following Time Tracker Application Features:

* You can keep track of calls, emails, sms automatically.
* You can keep track of every time - every activity that you do.
* You can allocate time for specific activities.
* You can see the details of the activities in the form of an Excel file that is sent directly to your email.
* You can view a summary of the report directly on your BlackBerry device.

All activities of your registration can be checked from your smartphone or personal account on our site Web.

Download Application here.

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