Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

Solution if the BlackBerry Wet Or Fall to In Water

If the post - the previous post we discuss about BlackBerry with a number of issues - issues stemming from internal factors BlackBerry itself, well in this post we will discuss BlackBerry device damage caused by factors - external factors or negligence of the wearer, such as fall or to Dip into the water, so it will certainly make our Blackberry devices or even fatal error because it can not be used anymore due to wrong treatment after the mistake we did. This time we will discuss how to resolve the correct BlackBerry device after we drop / hit the water.

Sometimes we worry too rash or broken, after the BlackBerry we fall / hit we just turn on the water to make sure we are not troubled BlackBerry devices. Yet how do we do that is wrong, because powering electronic devices including BlackBerry in wet conditions can lead to "short circuit or Short Circuit" which caused the water that could mengatarkan electric current.

Here's the correct way to address electronic devices including BlackBerry devices after a dropped or exposed to water:

Turn off your BlackBerry device if it is still on.
Open Close battere.
Remove battere, SIM Card and Memory Card.
Dry the BlackBerry you how to shake - shake, Fans, Hair Dryer (LOW heat position), or you can leave them for a while, until you can be sure the water is dry. Or you can put your BlackBerry into rice, because it has a charm and absorption of water.
Replace the battere, SIM Card and Memory Card.
Restart your BlackBerry device.

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