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Download Application Profile Assist - Modifiers Application Profile

One more powerful applications present for your favorite SmartPhone devices, BlackBerry. Actually Assis application profile has a function similar to a feature in the BlackBerry sound profile, but this one application completely - really powerful, as if the sound profile BlackBerry's native only to change the sound settings such as Call, SMS, FB, email, and notification - notification other, then Assist Profiles do more than that, such as changing the connection settings Wifi, GPS, Data.

And more than that too Profile Assist, you can set based on your location, by time (hours), based on the condition battery, or based on a Wifi connection. And every condition you can set all things associated with the setting on your BlackBerry like, Ringtone for Call, SMS, Social Alert Network, or network settings (internet connection) for each - one condition arrangements that you created. Plus the features based on time / hour, now you no longer need to turn off or turn on one profile to the profile because you're used to sleeping all day and want to turn off the ringtone so you have to activate the silent feature, with this app you no longer need to do so, because This app will automatically activate a profile setting that you created based on the time / hour.

Here Feature Profile Assist:

* Changing profile when in a locked condition / sheathing for OS 7.1 or more.
* Event / time priority.
* Can be made as desired profile.
* Can set profiles according to Jadwa show ends, if you want to follow a particular event.
* Reminder to repeat profiles.
* You can disable or enable the activity for a certain period.
* Checking the interval.
* You can enable / disable Location Checks.

However, this application is currently valued at just $ 1.99 and you can check out and download the BlackBerry AppWorld

Download Profile Assist

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