Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

Download Pacemaker, DJ Applications for BlackBerry Playbook

You a DJ? or would like to become a DJ?, presumably this application can assist you in the process of becoming a DJ or further enhance the quality of all DJ's you, only armed with a small device in your hand, that your BlackBerry Playbook today. With the application named Pacemaker you can do the job like a DJ like mixing, sync and scratch digital music on the BlackBerry PlayBook. And it does not stop there, you can also apply sound effects, loops and effects - other effects to enrich the mix of music you are.

With Pacemaker for BlackBerry PlayBook app you feel like being a DJ with experience. And it would not hurt if you try this application on your BlackBerry PlayBook, if you really intend to become a DJ, because you do not have to purchase any expensive DJ at a price beforehand, because you just simply pay $ 19.99 or Pacemaker Lite for $ 4 , 99 to buy this app before you really - really plunge into the world of DJ.

You can download this application on BlackBerry AppWorld.

Pacemaker version or Lite version.

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