Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Tips on the BlackBerry Browser

Sometimes when we are outside our homes need to read the news, and because of that we carry only the BlackBerry SmartPhone, then inevitably we must read the news via BlackBerry browser. Do you know if in the BlackBerry Browser also a shortcut - a shortcut that allows us to call functionality - certain functions quickly.

Here are tips on shortcuts and functions that can be run on the BlackBerry that we have:

* Press the G button to enter the Web address on any web page.
* Providing a point on the Web address by clicking Space (no need to alt m).
* Click Left Shift or Right Shift and then Space to insert slashes in web addresses.
* Click the Add button to bookmark your web page to open.
K * Click to enter a list of bookmarks.
* Click the button R to refresh the Web page.
* Press the T button to go up to the top of the web page and press the B button to go to the very bottom of the web page.
* Press the Y button to know your history when it is in the web page.
* Press the P button to view, copy and send the address of the web page that's open at that time.
* Press the U button to view web pages in full screen.
* Press the first button to zoom Zoom out web pages, and the O key to zoom zoom-in web pages.
* Press the S button to enter the browser option.
* Press the F button to search for a word - the word you want in a web page.
* Press the H button to go to go to the homepage.
* Press the A button to refresh with javascript enabled.
* Press the C button to see the data connection.

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