Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Error Code on BlackBerry And How To Fix

If the previous post we discussed about the Solutions to Overcome error No Message Services Configured and Troubleshooting Solutions For App (Error 200 this time we will explain some of the problems common error occurs on a BlackBerry that we have. Impossible Because the error will also occur on the BlackBerry you are. following sorts - kind of error and how to overcome them:

* JVM Error 102, This error can occur because there is damage to the file. COD, usually the way around that is to re-install the BlackBerry OS you use.

* Error 350-359, Error is due to a program that is not compatible with the BB and damage files. How to cope is to uninstall via desktop manager or by logging into Safe Mode.
* Error 502/505/507/552, this particular error is caused by damage to the data on the BlackBerry system. The fix is ​​to wipe the BB and then re-install the OS.
JVM Error 513 - Reset, This error occurs because you enter the wrong password 10 times in a row. The fix is to re-install your BlackBerry OS.
App Error 576, Error is usually associated with the IT Policy, to deal with it is to change the settings persisted Disable Plain Text to False.
App Error 602/603, Error is caused due to an error that occurred in the Java application. To fix this is to do a hard reset will solve the problem, but if it can not then you should wipe your BlackBerry and OS Reload.

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