Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Read magazines in BlackBerry With Zinio Free Applications

You are someone who likes to read Outside magazine? Now you no longer need to come to the store if only to buy an outdoor magazine, because now you can read a magazine - Outside magazine anywhere and anytime without having to carry the magazine. Enough to capitalize BlackBerry SmartPhone, you can already read dozens of magazines enjoy and beyond for free.

You just need to download the Zinio app, and then you install on your BlackBerry SmartPhone devices for free. Zinio is the main application for a magazine that gives readers direct access to thousands of magazine titles to read globally. And do not stop just there alone, but can be read via your BlackBerry smartphone, you can also save it directly on your Computer / notebooks you to take advantage of features synchronization between your BlackBerry device to the computer / Note you, which of course using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

As for the magazine - a magazine that you can read them is a magazine - famous magazines like Rolling Stone, The Economist, Hello!, U.S. Weekly, T3, Macworld, and many other well-known magazines.

Interested to try this application on your BlackBerry hardwares, please read or download directly at BlackBerry AppWorld via your BlackBerry device.

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