Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Download Video Chat Application for the BlackBerry PlayBook

For users of the BlackBerry Playbook with OS2 is no good news, if perhaps you've been annoyed that can not chat with your friends freely means they are not a BlackBerry user Plyabook, then it's time relieved because now you can chat with your friends - your other SmartPhone users like BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung or other tablet devices like the Samsung galaxy, iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook or you can even chat with your friends - the more online via PC or Notebook. On the Official BlackBerry PlayBook (OS 2) there is now video chat application, but can only be used between fellow BlackBerry PlayBook users.

Then you might ask - ask, how to be able to chat with your friends - you are not using the BlackBerry Playbook is not even a user who is not an output device including PC RIM usual. Now you can use the AV Video Chat application. AV Video Chat merupkan AOL's video chatting applications you can get for free. Here are the steps - steps to chat with AV Chat:

* Open the browser on your BlackBerry PlayBook.
* writing aol.com / av in the address bar of the browser.
* Press Enter to open the website.
* After the page aol.com / av appear click Start a Video Chat
* Follow the steps - steps to completion and start chat.

Good luck ..!

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