Senin, 12 Agustus 2013

Solution if you forgot the password and secret question BlackBerry ID

On this post we would like to answer some of the questions that came in connection with a BlackBerry ID, this is our basis of the many questions that came in about BlackBerry ID. Our advice in connection with the question of a friend - a friend who can not login due to forgotten passwords to your BlackBerry ID are as follows:

* If you can not login to BlackBerry ID first thing you need to check is make sure the username is correct BlackBerry ID, username is your email.
* If the email address you enter is correct, the second thing you need to make sure it is a password for your BlackBerry ID. forgot the password for your BlackBerry.

Much of what happens is that we forget the BlackBerry password that we have because we rarely use / login to BlackBerry ID and you should save / write password for your BlackBerry ID. Actually, if we forget the BlackBerry ID password that we have we still got hope to ask / request / recovery new password for your BlackBerry ID we were like in the previous post How to Reset a BlackBerry ID Password. By the time we request password recovery, needed answers to secret questions we've ever made at the time of registering the BlackBerry ID. But if we forget the answer to the secret question, then we recommend you to create a new BlackBerry ID. To create a new BlackBerry ID you need to sign up again using a new email or another email from the email that you registered earlier. Click here to create a new account on a BlackBerry ID.

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