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How to Back Up a BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If you're a BlackBerry smartphone user or BlackBerry Playbook, and you include a person who likes to knock down or try to - try the application on the BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry device Playbook (Tablet), then you should regularly back up your BlackBerry. Actually, if you are trying to install and then uninstall the application on your device, it will be a lot of bugs that is the rest - the rest you uninstall files on your device memory.

And if you are using a BlackBerry device additional memory (sd card memory) then you should enable it. Here are the steps - steps to back up your BlackBerry device:

Connect your device or BlackBerry ® PlayBook Smartphone to a computer or notebook.
Run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or let
In the BlackBerry ® Desktop Software, click Device> Back up.
Perform one of the following:
To back up all data tablet or smartphone data, click All / Full.
To back up all your smartphone data except for email messages, click Quick / Quick.
To select the type of data or data to back smartphone tablet, click Custom. then you CENTAK / click on the check box next to the data you want to Back Up.
If your smartphone is equipped with the storage media and you want to make a Back Up / Backup data stored there, select the Files saved on the built-in media storage box.
And you can do one of the following:
To change the default name for the backup file, in the File name field, type a new name.
To encrypt your data, select / check the Encrypt backup file box, then you type the password you want.
To save your settings so you are not required to set this option again when you return a smartphone or tablet, then you tick / click on the "Do not ask this again setting".
Then click Back up to begin to back up your device.

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