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How to Restore Original Setting BlackBerry (factory settings)

Many questions arise about what to do if your BlackBerry arrived often appear slow or hourglass if you are want to open a particular application. And on the last post we described you do the cleaning log files (memory cleaning) or discard the various applications that are not using anymore. Well if the step - a step that turns your BlackBerry still troubled with hourglass aka slow, then there is no other moment longer than you have to restore your settings to the initial settings Blakcberry (Factory Settings), which is the original setting as when you buy a new BlackBerry the.

There are two (2) ways that you can choose to restore your BlackBerry device to the original settings (FactorySettings), that is by Soft Reset and Hard Reset.

Here's how to perform a Soft Reset and Hard Reset on the BlackBerry device and what are the differences and the impact of both:
  • SOFT RESET: Perform a reset on the BlackBerry device by turning off the BlackBerry and then unplug the battere BlackBerry, and silence about 3-5 seconds before you plug it back battere, or you can do by pressing the ALT / CAP / DEL on the keyboard BalackBerry you (LEFT ALT (Numkey) RIGHT aA (Capkey) DEL) simultaneously. And this step will not delete contacts, applications and data on your BlackBerry.
  • HARD RESET: Doing resetting your BlackBerry to the initial setting (Factory Settings) menu by going to Options -> Security Options -> Security Wipe -> Wipe Handled. And after you do the reset in this way then all the contacts and applications on your BlackBerry will be lost, therefore there should be prior to backup both contacts and applications on the BlackBerry device.

This will only delete the customer data and the NOT program or OS. This will restore your blackberry device to factory settings

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