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Setting BlackBerry Curve 9380 Wifi in Orlando

Surf by using Wifi connection is clearly more stable when compared to using using using gprs connection, especially if you do the update via BlackBerry. But not everyone knows how to turn on and connect your BlackBerry device to the network via wifi hotspot on the BlackBerry device, especially if you just bought a BlackBerry device with a new type like the BlackBerry Curve 9380 or known as the BlackBerry Orlando. Orlando BlackBerry device connects to the internet with wifi is actually no different from ordinary BlackBerry devices or by using your Notebook.

Here's How to connect your BlackBerry Orlando to Internet using Wifi:

1. Sign in to Manage Connections menu, Internet Connections.
2. Click / checklist on the menu Wifi On.
3. In the options make sure your wifi settings on the DHCP settings, to obtain an IP address automatically, or if you know a specific range of IP on the Hotspot you can select Static IP and then enter for your BlackBerry Orlando.
4. Click Next so that your BlackBerry Wifi perform Scanning and find hotspot network available / in reach.
5. Choose one of the hotspots are available according to your choice, or if you are in the area / public area with a hotspot connection is more than one who does not choose hostpot protectionism is usually marked with a padlock open / unsecured or if you choose a password for the hotspot in the key you can select the hotspot.
6. Click on a hotspot that you select, and click Connect, if the Hotspot in protectionism, type the password for the hotspot.
7. If you are connected / Connected, you can open the browser on your BlackBerry device to your BlackBerry network already connected to the internet.
8. completed

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