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10 Social Media Best Apps For BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 operating system it manages to present different things to its users, particularly in terms of applications. Applications are available in the BlackBerry 10 is now more dynamic tread and no longer stiff as applications contained in previous BlackBerry opersi system. This time I will give you 10 applications for BlackBerry that you can use on your BlackBerry device 10. What are the applications? Consider the following review.

Trapeez - $ 1.99

Trapeez app for BlackBerry is used to edit a Tumblr blog. With this application you can make a quick and short post on your Tumblr blog, post to social networks to spread, insert images, links, and so on. This application you can download here.

IM + Pro - $ 4.99

IM + Pro is one of the short messaging application for BlackBerry 10, which could be used by users to log in to different networks simultaneously. The application supports a variety of popular social media such as Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, ICQ, VMig33, Kontakte, and others. You can download the application here.

Keek - Free

Keek is a video-based social media applications where users can insert short video directly from your BlackBerry device 10 and commented to each other. There are many videos that you can enjoy on this application. of course this app also connects with Facebook and Twitter. This application you can download for free here.

Badoo - Free

Badoo is a location-based dating app where users can view a list of users around the house ready for a date. This application also has facilities inbox, friends request, and so on. This application can be downloaded here.

Buffer - Free

This application berfugsi to send or post status updates to various social networks as scheduled. Through a web interface that it has, this app you can set the time to do a post or let the system set the most appropriate time. Sadly this app is still a portingan of Android, so there are some features missing. You can download the application here.

WhatsApp - Free

WhatsApp is well known as short messaging applications cross platform and is now the present application for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Like the similar applications, WhatsApp has standard features that text messaging, picture, sound, and video can also be equipped with funny emoticons. Interestingly again, like the BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp users can also be incorporated in a group. This application you can download here.

Untappd - Free

Untappd is a great application for beer enthusiasts, where the BlackBerry app is able to provide its 10 references that provide caffee bar or beer. You can also check-in on these sites and pass it to your colleagues. You can download the application here.

Feather Duster - Free

Application is arguably more like social media applications toy than a tool of social media. In this application the user can specify a keyword and see how popular the keyword is on Twitter. You also can see the Tweet-tweet people using those keywords. The application is to be a unique tool to observe trending topic on Twitter. This application can be downloaded here.

Diode - Free

Diode is a great application for you who often play around with Reddit. Sadly this app is still a porting of Android apps so there are some missing features like the ability to post from the menu. But beyond these missing features, you can still view posts subreddit, comment, upvote, downvote, and send private messages to redditor. You can download the application here.

Neatly - $ 2.99

Neatly is one of the first third-party application support Twitter for BlackBerry 10. Although some of the core features of the official Twitter app is not available, but Neatly offers a range of attractive features as his successor, as the calculation of rating between you and other users on the basis of the same interests, so you can decide who you want to follow. This application also features the Smart Lists where you can sort your Twitter timeline based list certain people only. Neatly this application you can download here.

That's 10 social media application that you can use padaa device that already supports the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Actually there are many other social media applications that can be found because every day there are always new and emerging applications in the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Good luck!

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