Rabu, 14 Agustus 2013

Tips on the BlackBerry Browser

Sometimes when we are outside our homes need to read the news, and because of that we carry only the BlackBerry SmartPhone, then inevitably we must read the news via BlackBerry browser. Do you know if in the BlackBerry Browser also a shortcut - a shortcut that allows us to call functionality - certain functions quickly.

Here are tips on shortcuts and functions that can be run on the BlackBerry that we have:

* Press the G button to enter the Web address on any web page.
* Providing a point on the Web address by clicking Space (no need to alt m).
* Click Left Shift or Right Shift and then Space to insert slashes in web addresses.
* Click the Add button to bookmark your web page to open.
K * Click to enter a list of bookmarks.
* Click the button R to refresh the Web page.
* Press the T button to go up to the top of the web page and press the B button to go to the very bottom of the web page.
* Press the Y button to know your history when it is in the web page.
* Press the P button to view, copy and send the address of the web page that's open at that time.
* Press the U button to view web pages in full screen.
* Press the first button to zoom Zoom out web pages, and the O key to zoom zoom-in web pages.
* Press the S button to enter the browser option.
* Press the F button to search for a word - the word you want in a web page.
* Press the H button to go to go to the homepage.
* Press the A button to refresh with javascript enabled.
* Press the C button to see the data connection.

Error Code on BlackBerry And How To Fix

If the previous post we discussed about the Solutions to Overcome error No Message Services Configured and Troubleshooting Solutions For App (Error 200 this time we will explain some of the problems common error occurs on a BlackBerry that we have. Impossible Because the error will also occur on the BlackBerry you are. following sorts - kind of error and how to overcome them:

* JVM Error 102, This error can occur because there is damage to the file. COD, usually the way around that is to re-install the BlackBerry OS you use.

* Error 350-359, Error is due to a program that is not compatible with the BB and damage files. How to cope is to uninstall via desktop manager or by logging into Safe Mode.
* Error 502/505/507/552, this particular error is caused by damage to the data on the BlackBerry system. The fix is ​​to wipe the BB and then re-install the OS.
JVM Error 513 - Reset, This error occurs because you enter the wrong password 10 times in a row. The fix is to re-install your BlackBerry OS.
App Error 576, Error is usually associated with the IT Policy, to deal with it is to change the settings persisted Disable Plain Text to False.
App Error 602/603, Error is caused due to an error that occurred in the Java application. To fix this is to do a hard reset will solve the problem, but if it can not then you should wipe your BlackBerry and OS Reload.

Track the existence of BlackBerry Application Visual Me

If you are traveling to the place or tourist attractions with son - your daughter is so petrified your application, because this application can help you to track the whereabouts of the son - or daughter while they are away or disappear from our observation. This application is called VisualMe application to track the location of the BlackBerry in real-time. The way this application works is not much different from the GPS Tracker.Cara using this application is easy, and can be installed on multiple BlackBerry with just one administrator account, which serves as the controller. This app can control your BlackBerry at 0 to 10 m radius.
The following Visual Feature Me:

* Can control the existence of BlackBerry through the PC.
* Can be configured and SMS or email notification when BlackBerry left the location radius-controlled coverage according to the distance that has been in the setting.
* Can store location history in detail, from the position, time and velocity change of location.

To be able to use this application you must use the BlackBerry OS 5.0.0 or greater. And you can download the application directly on the BlackBerry AppWorld. Please try and get the ease of application monitoring son - your daughter.

Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

How to Easily Transfer Between Blackberry Applications

Have you thought about a new BlackBerry device, but then changed his mind because lazy to search for and install another application that already exist in the old BlackBerry new BlackBerry later. If it is an obstacle for you to replace the BlackBerry, then the following tips will be the solution for you to keep replacing your old BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry to your target. Because the following tips will explain how you transfer existing applications and games on your old BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry. So we can be sure you will not lose apps and games available on the old BlackBerry.
Before you follow step by step tips below, should be ascertained first if you're using the BlackBerry unlimited internet service package. Here's how to transfer apps and games from the old BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry (between BlackBerry):

* Go to the menu Blackberry App World via your new BlackBerry.
* Click on the menu My World.
* Click the BlackBerry menu button and select Login.
* Incorporate Blackberry Blackberry ID is the same as the ID used on your old Blackberry.
* After a successful login, click on the Installed and Uninstalled select.
* In the BlackBerry screen will display a list of applications that you have installed, click on any of the applications, and then press the BlackBerry menu button and select Reinstall.
* Wait until the install is complete, then select the other apps that you want to be installed in your new BlackBerry.

How to Remove a registered email address from BlackBerry Messenger

Once you delete the email address listed on the BlackBerry ® Messenger, you can no longer restore your contact list over the wireless network using the email address. If you delete all the registered email address from BlackBerry Messenger, then your contact list will not automatically backed up again until you register the email address on BlackBerry Messenger.

Here's How to Delete Email Addresses Listed on BlackBerry Messenger:

1. On the Home screen or in the Instant Messaging folder, click the BlackBerry Messenger icon.
2. On the contact list screen, press the Menu key.
3. Click Options.
4. Click the Backup.
5. Click the Back up files remotely.
6. On the Backup screen, highlight an email address.
7. Press the Menu key.
8. Click the Edit Email Status.
9. Press the Menu key.
10. Click the Disable email.

How to Save BlackBerry Messenger chat history

Sometimes we need to save the chat history via BBM, especially when it comes to order goods or payment confirmation that we are doing via BBM. Well maybe these tips will help you, tips on how our history that we do chat via BBM, the following steps - steps:

* At the time we did chat in BBM, press the menu key, select options, look for the chat view, there is a menu save chat history, and save the chat to the media card.

* If at any time you would like to see the chat history that you have saved, select a contact where you do chat via BBM and you save. After the conversation screen appears, press the menu button and then click view chat history

Our suggestion for a more efficient, our conversations did we save on fuel and folders should be displayed in the message. The trick is to click the options menu, look for miscellaneous section, uncheck show chats in messages application BB Groups. And if we do not want a conversation group messages appear in folders by selecting the message list integration, select settings, select no activities.

Senin, 12 Agustus 2013

Blackberry Tips: How to combine History Messages, Saved In The BBM

Each chat message that you did with BlackBerry Messenger, automatically saving your BlackBerry SmartPhone. And when we are just about to start or open a new BlackBerry Messenger, the chat we've ever faithful and yet we are pleased to be deleted will be displayed as individual messages in your message folder. But you can set up a message or chat we've ever done and we can incorporate chat history rather than having separate any incoming messages and outgoing messages. And we can combine chat / messaging that includes all messages sent and received to a specific user or group in a single screen.

Conversation thread allows you to easily read the conversation and sort them by person or group. Next step - step combines the BBM message history:

* Enable Home Screen on your BlackBerry.
* Log on BlackBerry Messenger.
* Press the Menu button, then select Options.
* Block / highlight "the message that you want to merge".
* Press the menu button and then select save.