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Tips and Tricks Optimization Using BBM

Tips and Tricks and Guidance Using BBM (BlackBerry Messenger); realized unconsciously, use BlackBerry Messenger is time consuming and very exciting. This time I will share your BlackBerry in order to remain nimble and can still enjoy the BBM.

Here are a variety of different tips that are essential for the blackberry made in the solution to the problem that may have occurred, may be useful. Perhaps you are new to using this BBM, so read our BBM User wrote below. if you just have a Blackberry, and each bit stiff with the name BBM, BBM trick here is special to you.
Tricks and Tips Using a set of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

* How to Add Contacts to BBM; There are several ways to use the unique PIN, you give your PIN to someone or vice versa. Besides PIN you can also add contacts on BBM using the email address connected to your BB, or you also can scan the unique barcode of your Blackberry friends. To be sure never to share your PIN or email addresses to just anyone, let alone to write it on Facebook, Twitter or Friendster. Should only close friends know you wrote the PIN or your email address.
* Tips for BBM Contacts Backup regularly; Just in case if you are a BB time error then backing up BBM contacts on a regular basis is highly recommended as this to avoid unwanted things. Do I go to BBM, press the BlackBerry menu button, find the Contact List section and then "Save a Copy of Your Contact List" you can save on Memory Card or in the RIM servers.
* Be thoughtful and carefully select to join BBM Groups; Joining a group is fun, but be careful because you wrote will receive notification of any activity in the group that can make your Blackberry so slow because it must be kept up to date with the BBM Group. So you should disable the Save or Save Picture Message History of the Groups.
* Wisdom with BBM Broadcast Message; Should avoid the use of BBM Broadcast Messages can be excessive because BBM friends we are not comfortable in that stuff.
* Non Auto Activate some features in BBM; Members BBM If you know there are many who have not been directly, you should also disable the Auto-accept voice notes and you should accept file transfers from people you know, do not get careless just received a file of other people you do not know.
* Deleting User PIN on the Blackberry Bold; A question why we should remove the Blackberry PIN? If you intend to sell your BB, then remove the BB PIN will be very useful, because if you have not removed the Blackberry PIN then later the new Blackberry owners will receive all messages addressed to you (according to your PIN number). The best way to remove the Blackberry PIN is to disable or unlink your PIN, to make it all the way quite easily contact the operator where you subscribe to Blackberry and ask them to me remove / delete or unregister your PIN from BIS accounts you have. Easy enough right?
* How to Prevent BBM forwarded to E-mail Message: When you use BBM or Blackberry Messenger, the main problem often faced is the BBM we have automatically forwards the message to the email listed in the BBM. To stop the forwarding process, a step that you must do is menstop auto-forwarding on BBM. At the entrance of BBM into the Options menu> Show Conversations in Message List = NO.
* How Close Troubleshooting on BBM; When buying a Blackberry second, a problem that often arises is when you run a BBM, often silly nickname or alias does not match the data we have. The nickname issue could arise because Blackberry was not previously in the Second Wipe Handheld so that the data from the previous user is still stored on the Blackberry. To overcome this problem the first verify info Name (My Info) is in conformity with username, go to Applications BBM> press menu and then select the Edit My Info then enter the Username. Contact for issues with BBM or Blackberry Messenger, the best solution is to remove the old first contact then Add again either using email or BlackBerry PIN your friends.

It is a few tips on the use of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and we will provide this information on a regular basis and hopefully more useful. Greetings Free Greeting BlackBerry

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