Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Blackberry Tips: Easy ways to restore BBM Missing Apps

BlackBerry Messenger or more popularly the term BBM is a feature you are the SmartPhone BlackBerry and can only meet in the SmartPhone BlackBerry, although now there are apps What's Up Messenger is an application similar to BBM and runs on all OS SmartPhone (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and regular cell phones). But surely the two applications each - each have advantages and disadvantages. Well talking about the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), RIM (Research In Motions) as manufacturers often release updated versions of BBM, which sometimes presents itself when we run the BBM application, and to keep up to date and features - new features of this fuel, we should always update BBM installed on BlackBerry devices that we have.

The update process is indeed a solution to keep up to date an application, but sometimes it cause problems such as loss of BBM icon after the update process. And that often happens also when we move / replace the mobile operators sometimes some apps like BBM no longer appear on our BlackBerry devices. And for that we do not need to rush - rush brings us to the BlackBerry service or to the store where we bought it, try some of our tips on How to Restore the missing fuel applications well after the update or after we moved the mobile operators, the following tips from us:

1. Download BBM on the BlackBerry application again Apprworld, click here ..!
2. Follow the download and install process re-fuel on your BlackBerry device
3. Restart your BlackBerry device.
4. Check fuel in Instant Messenger.

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