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Knowing how to BlackBerry Damaged or Locked

BlackBerry SmartPhone for some people is still a new gadget, therefore sometimes differ in performance compared with the current purchase, the BlackBerry is considered defective or problematic, but smart mobile phone or Smartphone is not the same as regular cell phone, which we first knew. Many problems can be found in smart phones, such as the appearance of an hourglass, not in charge, can not install the application, can not send SMS or e-mail and more problems - problems that can be found in SmartPhone. Moreover, if we want to buy a BlackBerry SmartPhone alone when we do not understand and know at all about the BlackBerry.

Sometimes the problem we encountered was that our new BlackBerry SmartPhone purchase could not be used, due to the lack of signal. Well this is not due to problems such as the BlackBerry is broken or problematic. Because of the possibility that we buy a BlackBerry BlackBery still locked. Well here we need to make sure if we wanted to buy a BlackBerry, both new and second (second-hand). BlackBerry is Locked or Unlocked?. BlackBerry BlackBerry Locked means that they can only be used for certain operators, so if we use the card provider / mobile operator other BlackBerry certainly can not be used, while an Unlocked BlackBerry BlackBerry that can be used for any mobile operator alone, but of course we need to consider the BlackBerry also use GSM or CDMA technology.

Actually we can check own BlackBerry that we will buy a BlackBerry Locked or Unlocked especially for Blackberry Second, however, for the new BlackBerry selling should we ask directly, because we can not open the packaging which is still under seal. Here's how to find out the Blackberry Locked or Unlocked. For BlackBerry with OS 5, we come to Options - Advanced Options - SIM Card and typing MEPD, and for BlackBerry OS 6, we can find out by going to Options - Device - Advanced System Settings - SIM Card and typing MEPD, then if it appears data - the data is as follows:

* SIM Disabled
* Network Inactive / Disabled
* Network Subset Disabled
* Service Provider Disabled
* Corporate Disabled

This indicates that the BlackBerry is an Unlocked BlackBerry that we can use for any mobile operator

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