Rabu, 07 Agustus 2013

How to Fix a Blackberry Error 734, PPP Control Link Was Terminated

Perhaps you you are going to use your Blackberry device as a modem to access the internet via a computer or a laptop, even though I do not really recommend you to make your BlackBerry as a modem with my personal reason is BlackBerry dear. And if your first time or even repeatedly tried to make your device as a modem BlacBerry always fails with the error message appears "Error 734: PPP Link Control Was Terminated". Well you should know this particular error occurs, due to incorrect data entry error on the "Extra Initialization" in Modem Properties.
Is actually quite easy to solve the problem Blackberry Error 734: PPP Link Control This Was Terminated. Follow this steps:

1. First uninstall BB modem driver in your laptop.
2. Connect your BlackBerry device to a laptop again.
3. Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
4. Modem Driver Install back your Blackberry.

Once the drivers are installed and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager window appears, fill in the data on the "Extra Initialization", filled in correctly according the setting of mobile operators you use to log into the Modem Properties - Click on the Advanced Tab Extra Initialization Command input cgdcont = 1, "ip "," indosatgprs ", if you use the operator Indosat, if you use the U.S. or sympathy card," indosatgprs "can be replaced with the Vodacom APN" internet "or" Telkomsel ".

Please try to hopefully useful!

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