Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

How To Fix Blackberry App "Error 523"

We will discuss about BlackBerry App "Error 523". BlackBerry App Error 523 occurs if there are applications that you have installed is not compatible with the type of BlackBerry OS and you, therefore, before you install the application on your BlackBerry device, verify that if you install the application to be installed on suitable to the type of BlackBerry you have and also important is whether the application can also work well on your BlackBerry OS.

The following solution if you have a BlackBerry device "Error 523":

1. Do a Hard Reboot with opening your BlackBerry Battery for about 30 seconds.
2. Then reinstall your BlackBerry batteries.
3. When the BlackBerry is doing a reboot (Sand Jam indicator), you can simply connect your BlackBerry device to your notebook / PC.
4. Then open the Application Loader in the Notebook / PC.
5. Dispose / remove the last application you installed that caused the error your BlackBerry.
6. If finished off the connection / cable BlackBerry from Notebook / PC.
7. If necessary reboot again by removing battere as a first step, but once installed battery let you reboot your BlackBerry device to your BlackBerry Home Screen appears.
8. Completed.

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