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Beginner Tips Tricks Blackberry 10: Text Editing Tips with Easy and Fast

After so long pampered with the trackpad on the ancient model of the Blackberry smartphone, Blackberry now makes surprise decision to eliminate the trackpad features of a smartphone with the launch of their latest operating system of Blackberry 10. The operating system no longer use the trackpad, but entirely using the touch screen feature is presented. Actually, it is already common for Android smartphones as well as Apple, but there are tips and tricks for the new Blackberry Blackberry owners.

For most people who are accustomed to using the trackpad for navigation and text editing will find it difficult because of the trackpad to easily instead of using the touch screen, but do not worry. Blackberry tips and tricks in this article will discuss how to master the text editing including copying and printing the words or phrase that is easy to do with a regular trackpad features. If you've ever used a smartphone other than BlackBerry, such as Android, Windows Phone, or IOS, you will not have troubles in editing the text as in the Blackberry tips tricks.

Choosing the

The first step in troubleshooting this Blackberry trick is to choose a word. To select words in a sentence or paragraph, you just need to press the word is long enough for the highlighted word to cover all the letters in the word. After that, you can make edits such as copying or deleting words are highlighted as well as from the sentence of the paragraph.

Selecting More Than 1 word

Just as the first step in the tips tricks article Blackberry, but now after selecting a word by tapping the word, without releasing the hand of the screen and said, now you can choose words that are among the highlighted word, both in pre- and that is after the word with your finger to draw the desired direction without removable. Now you've managed to select more than one word that you can edit.

Selecting Sentences

To select a sentence, the same as the steps above tips tricks Blackberry by selecting the first word in a sentence and most end then after highlighted, can be pulled in the direction of the words that have not been highlighted to all the words in the sentence highlighted. After all highlighted, you can copy the highlighted sentence.

Editing Text

After learning tips tricks Blackberry in their choice of words to sentences, now is the Blackberry tips and tricks for editing text in which the text is already highlighted or highlighted can be edited as is usually done in Microsoft Word. Once again by pressing the word or phrase that has been highlighted, the text editing menu will appear. In this menu there are many options or text editing options ranging from thickening of the text, giving the bottom line, making italic text, cut, copy, to format the text.

With the menu text editing, typing and editing text in the fuel will be more easy. To make a copy or copy text that has been highlighted earlier, just choose the option which is denoted by the symbol copy two pieces of paper. Once selected, you just paste the text or sentence was in a place that you want by pressing the area where the text or phrase will be printed, will then appear as text editing menu was then just select the paste option. Text or phrase that you copy-paste already in the desired area. Blackberry tips and tricks for clicking-cut text or sentence is the same as for copying and pasting text earlier.

It takes time to be able to master the method of editing text on the Blackberry 10 if you are unfamiliar with the trackpad. Learn to live according to this article Blackberry tips tricks a few times, you will be far more adept even feel comfortable using this feature rather than using the trackpad takes more time and is less efficient. Hopefully you can be helped with the article about the Blackberry tips tricks editing text on the Blackberry 10.

Photographing Tips On iOS and BlackBerry devices

For iOS users, of course, is not unusual anymore to get the best photos with their gadgets, but in fact the results are fairly good picture it, you still can maximize catches your photos on iOS in some ways. This time I will discuss some tips on photographing with iOS and BlackBerry devices.

Record of Action in iPhone

On the iPhone, users are also offered a variety of applications to freeze motion and make action continuous. There are apps Best Shots Lite and Quick Camera (Continuous Shooting) for the tips to get a free version this time. Best Shot Lite is available for iPhone and iPad is intended to allow you to take pictures where objects moving activity recorded so that the resulting series of photographs that capture the movement of objects in sequence. From here, you can choose one of the best photos from the series. The series can also be used to produce a stop-motion video. For users of the iPhone 5, the resolution frames that can be recorded up to 1620x1080 pixels. Here's how to use it.

1. Run the application, and will display a description of the recording interval of continuous shooting. Next, tap [Stand by], you can move the target object.
2. Tap on the button Iconic moments later the camera and the app will record. Slider shooting will run from left to right, the tape will be shown. If so, save it by tapping [Done].

Other iOS Applications

Any similar applications available for phones based on iOS, there are some applications that exist in multiple exposure here. Such applications BlendCam, BlendCamp Lite, InstaBlend, DoublePic (which also add-on to Instagram) for the free version, as well as paid apps like Duomatic Lite, Multiple Exposure Auto Align, Double Exposure, and others. How to use virtually any application similar to other double exposure. You simply specify the merged picture from phone memory or memory fresh photo last two combined. After that, the features of the merger will be given, even BlendCam applications provide options combined effect of the photos.

1. Run BlendCam already installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Furthermore tap icon [New] and select [Take a photo] to take the first photo or tap [Load from photo albums] to use the photos from the album on the phone.
2. Snap a photo or grab the desired image from a photo album on the phone. If you have, you can do the same way to do the second photo. Tap on the [Camera +] or [Album +] to take a photo or choose both.
3. Select the type of pengggabungan (superimposing], there is a combination that will be directly made a monochrome photo, sepia, and other options. Snap a photo or choose the second photo, the result will be visible on the screen. Tap [Save] to save it.

Add-on to Instagram on the iPhone

1. DoublePic Camera

Photo merger application can also be used as an add-on to Instagram results can be shared to Twitter, Facebook, and so on.

2. InstaBlend

In addition to combining two direct shots or photos from a photo album, you can set the blending process, contrast, and picture lighting.

Photographing in BlackBerry Devices

With BlackBerry, shooting with continuous technical term or burst can be done. Application called Multi Photo Shots is what allows you to shoot with continuous shoot mode. Multi Photo Shots application is free with ads version, but if you buy it cheap even this application tag of only U.S. $ 1.5 only. The application provides for a sequential photo shooting speed of up to 20 frames per second. As a sign of this recording applications, the phone will vibrate.

Shots can also be shared to a number of social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also send them to BlackBerryM or also to email. Apliaksi will produce photo-fto sequential unit and stored in the Picture Library folder in your BlackBerry. Apliaksi to shoot continuously for BlackBerry is rare, so this app is worth a try by BlackBerry users.

1. In the first application window, you can set the amount of the resulting series of photographs in a single photo shoot. Set the number of shots in the "Frames per second".
2. The greater the number, the faster the frame shooting. If you want to take photos there are markers being recorded, check the [Vibrate on each take].
3. Click [Take Picture], click the button while the camera is on the BlackBerry main point on the object that is being moved to start recording.
4. After successfully recorded, the application will display the results on screen. Press the [Back] that previously stored photo shots, the camera will be active again.

Play feature Multiple Exposure in Mobile

Multi exposure (some call double exposure) has been known from the era before the existence of digital photography. This is a technique where a shooting tips photo frames and stacked into a picture that is more arty and interesting. At the time of film photography, some call it a sandwich photo where two pieces stacked negatife films when processed in the darkroom. There are also multiple exposure technique is to roll back the movie so that there is one film that records the object twice. In the era of digital photography, the results more easily. The result can be seen directly, not just digital compact or DSLR that can be used to capture the multi-exposure technique. Camera phones can also be required for this purpose. There are a number of applications that you can use to do so, from free to paid.

Z10 BlackBerry Tips and Tricks: Managing Features Camera With Smart Ways

Create Your BlackBerry users 10 would be so unfortunate if your BlackBerry device 10 is not used in an optimal and maximal. Due to sophisticated BlackBerry 10 devices have here some of the features that you must know is really going to use so as not to seem futile and only used as a means of communication. One feature you must know the most of the use is the camera feature. Here we will discuss tips and tricks BlackBerry 10 on segment camera features. Without further ado we immediately discussed below;

Using the Scene Mode Shooting and Different

Of course you already know that the BlackBerry device Z10 has many choices or options that can help you create the perfect photo whenever you need it. Blackberry tips and tricks then activates the camera to make sure you understand all of the options or options that appear on your BlackBerry screen. Ontohnya like, you have the option to use the Stabilization shooting mode and Burst shooting mode other than Normal.

And tips and tricks BalckBerry stabilizationpun 10 in menu options you can select if you feel you can not calm enough when shooting or shaking hands often. On the other hand, Burstpun you can use to capture the moment action, such as the moment when a cat ran after the fish that we are throwing, or your friend who was stumbling up the bike. Besides that, you also have a lot of options or other options in Scene Mode, such as Action, Whiteboard, Night and Beach and Snow.

And to be able to access plihan or options above, then the tips and tricks his BlackBerry is by tapping on the icon shaped 3 point located at the lower-right corner and change the settings according to your needs and desires.

Changing Focus Box

When you use the camera on the BlackBerry 10 devices, surely you will see a box appear on the screen and it is the focus box that you can use to adjust the focus. Tips and tricks her BlackBerry is by dragging or moving the box to be centered on a subject you want to focus, which is the sharpest part of the image.

Quickly preview

Now you can do the other way faster than a tap on the thumbnail photos on the left-bottom corner of the section to see the look of a photograph. BlackBerry tips and tricks for this is the way you can touch & hold a photo thumbnail you want and then follow by moving your thumb up or to the right to check whether or not fitted with a photo of your liking. And when you do that, then the size of the thumbnail to see the enlarged so you can see the picture with more detail and clarity.

Copying Photos to Computer Windows / Mac Using BlackBerry Link

BlackBerry tips and tricks most easy and fast to access, download synchronization, to share and organize all the photos, music, videos and other files using either a WiFi or USB is to use the BlackBerry Link.

And if you have installed the BlackBerry software links, make sure you use them to facilitate the setup of your files are stored on your BlackBerry device 10. In addition, BlackBerry deals you can also use the BlackBerry tips and tricks for menbackup. We recommend that you backup your BlackBerry 10 handset at least once a month for the treatment system.

And there are tips and tricks other than the use of BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry apps link in order to access and manage all of your media files was easy, by using a Wi-Fi connection in the copying of files to BlackBerry 10.

Utilization of Media Sharing

An assortment of media files, such as photos, music, videos and even you can share via wireless from a BlackBerry 10 device to a device that has DLNA support, such as computers, televisions, etc..

Some BlackBerry tips and tricks for this segment is by tapping the Settings menu option and then select Media Sharing and enable Share Picture by selecting ON. After that tap 'Device' and select the checkbox located next to each device you want to give access to the media files.Namun if you want to stop sharing, simply uncheck the checkbox. The next step to tap the 'Back' to save the settings or the settings.

Q10 BlackBerry vs iPhone 5, Upper Class Smartphone Battle

It is no secret if Blackkberry been very popular as a device smartpone. When the battle heats up between the iPhone and the Blackberry vs iPhone finally win in terms of innovation. Cause it does not show progress as Blackberry smart phone technology promoted by the iPhone. Blackberry BBM tend to use the facility as a major feature for innovation than others. Not long after that Android stole the attention of the market and sink the Blackberry.

But Blackberry is not giving up, this year the company formerly known as RIM has now issued a Blackberry with the latest operating system that is BB10. Teknoologi Blackberry is considered a revolution to re-compete with his opponents, who would pull against Apple. Now, Blackberry vs iPhone will again be a topic in the tech world.

Blackberry vs. iPhone battle will pit two of the latest smarpthone both sides. Blackberry with its Q10 products while Apple with its iPhone 5.

Q10 Blackberry device itself is a derivative of the Z10 series. The difference lies in the Z10 full touchscreen while the Q10 comes with QWERTY keypad. iPhone 5 itself is a flagship device from Apple and is considered as the best smartphone products for now. How's comparison of these two products? Let's look at!


Blackberry vs. iPhone battle begins in terms of design. The average iPhone has a shape that is almost identical to its predecessor. Luxury design and thin is the hallmark of this one product. iPhone 5 comes with a design that almost impeccable.Not no words other than amazing to zoom. Iphone 5 itself has a size of 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm and weighs 112 grams which is quite light.

While Q10 BB has dimensions 119.6 x 66.8 x 10.4 mm and weighs a little heavier than the iPhone 5 is 139 grams. BB Q10 comes with QWERTY design has kokohtapi iPhone 5 has aluminum casing as excess.

Operating System

How do you compare the iPhone vs Blackberry operating system support? Iphone 5 is that tterbaik as supported by Apple operating system ie iOS. This operating system is still quite popular because it has been supported by various applications that could be downloaded in the Apple Store.

While Q10 BB BB 10 operating system use the newly developed and still needs a lot of applications that support these devices can be as popular as its competitors.


Blackberry vs. iPhone if dikomparasi in performance, both has its own advantages. Q10 B is superior in terms of performance and multitasking because it is equipped with a kitchen runway Qualcomm Snapdragon dual core 1.5 GHz with 2GB of RAM. While the iPhone 5 unguul in terms of optimizing performance.

Various aplkasi including games, extremely smooth and seamless because in addition supported by Apple A6 dual core processor 1.2 GHz and 1GB of RAM, the iPhone 5 has been equipped with an integrated PowerVR SGX543MP3 graphics. Something that is not owned by BB Q10 which makes the performance, the Apple iPhone 5 is superior.


How to affairs of this screen Blackberry vs. iPhone? This screen is quite interesting comparison because persaingannnya pretty tight. BB Q10 has a 3.1 inch screen with 720 x 720 pixels Esolusi and support AMOLED display is quite good. IPhone 5 screen size is 4 inches with a resolution that is not common is 1136 x 6640 pixels.

For depth of color itself Q10 BB and Iphone 5 does not have a significant difference. Iphone 5 has a depth of 326pi 330pi while Q10 BB.


As an upscale line of smartphones, Q10 BB and iPhone 5 would have to have a good quality camera. iPhone 5 camera of 8 MP with LED flash and support for 1080p resolution. Camera Q BB 10 also has similar specs to the iPhone 5. Comparison of Blackberry vs. iPhone for business successful camera series.


Blackberry vs. iPhone however time for this product is still seems quite balanced because both have almost similar specifications. It's just for matters of memory, the iPhone can choose the storage option between the 16 GB. 32 GB and 64 GB external memory is not supported. Q10 BB has this advantage, although it only has an internal memory of 16 GB but still can add up to 32 GB.

In the comparison of Blackberry vs iPhone this time it seems both have their merits that can be used as selling points for prospective consumers. For those of you who are interested and want to feel new of the Blackberry operating system, Q10 can be selected. For more priority to games, helper application work, the iPhone 5 may choose as his gadgets.

Specifications BlackBerry R10 Newest

Rumors about BlackBerry Q10 is still warm on the ears due to the different design of the Blackberry Z10. Which looks very striking difference in the QWERTY keypad is embedded in the BlackBerry Q10 makes a unique impression. Not long ago a lot of news circulating that the BlackBerry will issue a series of continuation of the BlackBerry 10 OS R10, the rumors are now finally proven because most features embedded sightings him already leaked in cyberspace. Want to know what kind of specifications? Following the leak.


Many say that the new BlackBerry will be different with the R10 Q10 series BlackBerry, but the response was incorrect because in terms of design is exactly the same BlackBerry BlackBerry Q10 which use QWERTY keypad, the BlackBerry name placed just above the QWERTY keys are not hidden as they did before.

On the body looks nothing like a little box that looks rounded BlackBerry Q10 melonjong, and rumors will be some color options like white and red. At the rear there is a light will flash and the camera parallel to the characteristic of the BlackBerry logo with shiny colors. But the battery of the BlackBerry R10 plan can not be opened, so do not expect to be able to open the battery from the device.


Currently, the latest rumors R10 already support BlackBerry OS 10.1 and embedded RAM is 2GB. Given enough batteries for a powerful smartphone that is 1800 mAh which can last for 2-3 hours more to surf in cyberspace.


Latest BlackBerry R10 has a 3.1-inch screen section with high resolution between 720 x 720 pixels exactly like the BlackBerry Q10 so images appear very big and not too small. Although truncated with QWERTY keypad and very pretty for those who like to see the news online.

Memory Storage

In terms of the latest BlackBerry phone memory will be awarded R10 8GB of internal memory, and there are rumors that it will be embedded microSD slot. However, with 8GB of memory is enough to store data such as music, videos, and so on.

Camera and Video Recorder

According to rumors that circulated during this, the latest BlackBerry R10 will be equipped with two cameras of 5MP front and rear. But make no mistake guess because the camera on the BlackBerry phones R10 has a high resolution is 2560 x 1920 so that the images of the latest BlackBerry phone is so big and detailed.

Estimated Price

Maybe from the BlackBerry itself is still not willing to spend the price of its newest product, the latest BlackBerry R10, because there are many features that will be invested in this new mobile phone. So for those of you who want to try it on the release date expected to be patient because it is not yet definite, and confirmation of this sophisticated mobile phone prices will be followed at the time of release of the current year or next year.


In the meantime, the specifications of the latest BlackBerry R10 is still up here and did not rule out the features that will be invested will be more advanced than previous BlackBerry. Perhaps of specs, the latest BlackBerry BlackBerry R10 is lower than Q10 because there are many that will be done on the latest BlackBerry R10, and for high-end mobile phones are very reasonably satisfactory in terms of screens that appear more elegant with the name of the BlackBerry mobile phone screen , unlike BlackBerry BlackBerry Q10 which removes the name on the front of the screen. But the unfortunate part is the battery can not be opened or replaced.

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Office apps Android, iOS and Blackberry are Ready to Help You

Typing long documents often become obstacles that are common on Android tablets and the iPad. While Microsoft Word will not appear in coming to the iPad, many Android and iOS office apps are popping up for both iOS and Android, ranging from free to paid. Lots of choice word processor that can be used on the tablet, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Handling different format is important, but a good integration with the operating system is more important, especially in terms of navigation fix typos often difficult. Document storage location is also a major consideration factor.

1. FioWriter (iOS) Designed for iPhone and iPad, FioWriter is a minimalist word processor and fit with a touch screen. Accessible documents can not be edited directly from the Mail app, but can be made in iCloud and Dropbox, although the main reason for using FioWriter users is the ability like in Mac. Touching the top of the screen will move the page up, and Apple-style shortcut like command + F to find the word very friendly to the user Macbook. Although there is no word counter options and formatting capabilities, mistakes are made easy to justify. However, this application only handles files in TXT format.

2. iA Writer (iOS) With a very low price, there is nothing wrong with using iA Writer is an elegant and friendly to the Dropbox. As one of the most popular word processing application, not much that can be criticized from the appearance of this application. For writers who easily distracted, there is an option to focus on the line that is being written and made all the others are not legible. Used keyboard also has shortcuts for navigating to punctuation and other characters. Coupled with the ability to show the number of words and reading long, difficult to suggest another word processing application except for wanting more formatting capabilities.

3. SmartOffice 2 (iOS / Android) Android and iOS Applications office this one is one of the most powerful and flexible with a reasonable price and a neat appearance, especially there in the iOS and Android. SmartOffice 2 can open documents directly from Mail, but can not do copy and paste mskipun more flexible than rivals in terms of ability to pinch zoom both in presentation and in writing. With the ability to create a variety of file formats, this application is also integrated with Dropbox and Box.com both extract and export files, and can be used with a variety of wireless printer or connect via Airplay. Overall, the deficiencies found only in a crowded interface.

4. Kingsoft Office 5.3.2 (Android) If you're looking for a word processor in Google Play, Kingsoft will always appear first. Although free, advantages of this application is more than just a connection to Dropbox and Google Drive. Ability to open almost any format, retrieve files from anywhere and handle the messy handwriting can hide the fact that the appearance of Kingsoft not as pretty as other similar applications. Toolbar large and cover can be removed to view the document reading mode which is useful for displaying documents on the entire screen. Documents can be marked as favorites for quick access and heavy Powerpoint presentations can be opened easily. Although it looks simple, for a free word processing application, almost nothing beats Kingsoft.

5. Documents To Go (iOS / Android / Blackberry) With Microsoft's ability to open all files, including PDF, Documents To Go is a world champion in a word processing application. The authors would like timer display his ever-present, while they are dealing with sensitive documents will be able to use the password protection feature to the maximum. His ability to handle the PDF is also amazing with pinch zoom and rotation features page, as well as good handling with Word, Excel or Powerpoint. More friendly to Google Drive than Dropbox, Documents To Go can use the protocol to synchronize documents intact either in tablet or on the computer. Although price is the most expensive among others, Documents To Go is an application that is very capable.

Eight Best BlackBerry Apps

BlackBerry crept up on the market again, after 2 years is shrinking. Market and BlackBerry fame simultaneously decreased due to the invasion of Android devices and the iPhone in the smartphone market smart gadget. This is the risk of a competition in the world of information technology. Even so, the BlackBerry has shown resistance to all of the competition, and proved by presenting a new device plus the best apps available on the Blackberry App World.

With the presence of BlackBerry 10 is still fairly new launch, expected this BlackBerry will still exist in the gadget market, especially for gadget lovers and BlackBerry community. BlackBerry has shown its own class in terms of hardware and software applications also it is no less interesting and good as Android and iPhone devices. Because in terms of software and Applications, BlackBerry has some mensuportnya best BlackBerry apps. And here's a list of some of the best BlackBerry apps:


WhatsApp is a messaging application for smartphones with similar basic BlackBerry Messenger. And very worthy entry in the 8 best applications of this BlackBerry. WhatsApp Messenger is also a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages without any SMS charge, because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan for email, web browsing, and others. Application WhatsApp Messenger uses 3G or WiFi connection for data communication. By using WhatsApp, we can do an online chat, file sharing, exchanging photos and others. WhatsApp is also the best instant messaging application today.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

Is an exclusive Instant Messaging applications that exist on every BlackBerry device. And this application has become the hallmark of its own for BlackBerry users and the community because there's just the application in the BlackBerry device platform. And to date is the latest version of BBM BBM BBM version 7 with Voice features. And you can download the BBM app for free.


Facebook currently is no stranger in cyberspace. Mark zukenberg application is already a social networking site in the world, with more than 1 billion users. Facebook applications have been made for all mobile platforms, including android and blackberry's. And it is to meet all the needs of Facebook users. So users feel pampered in a facilitated and socializing in cyberspace, especially coupled with kegratisan this Facebook application.


Twitter is more of a social networking site that is owned and operated by Twitter Inc.., Which allows users to send and read messages called chirp (tweets). Chirp is text posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the user profile page. The booms can be seen outside, but the sender can restrict message delivery to their friends list only. Users can see other writers chirp known as followers ("followers"). Since its creation in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has gained popularity worldwide and currently has more than 100 million users. It is sometimes described as the "SMS of the Internet". And like Facebook, Twitter also has made application for any kind of smartphone platforms, especially the BlackBerry.

Screen Muncher

Screen Muncher is an application for sharing pictures to social media such as twitter, Facebook, and so forth. This application can only mengsharing images without user can edit it. Screen Muncher can be downloaded for free and is easy to use by users.

Photo Studio Logo

Is a photo editing application. This application is similar to the Instagram app last year has been purchased by Facebook party. This application is the variety of features and convenience for users to share images to a variety of social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and so on lan.

Advance OS and LED

Is a reminder application that has more capabilities, such as reminders of the BBM notification, phone, or SMS on your BlackBerry. BlackBerry's best application tool can be downloaded for free.

BlackBerry Protect

Is one of the applications that are very useful, especially when you lose or forget to put your BlackBerry. The best BlackBerry applications can store your data remains locked in when you lose your BlackBerry device.

Soundhound - Application For Blackberry Special Music Now Available in App World

Mobile is now not only has the function of a phone or perform activities of texting. But mobile phones today have many uses in addition to its basic function as a communication tool. There are many functions that you can develop mobile phones and of course all require applications that match your device. One is the SoundHound app. Perhaps there are many who do not know about this latest application for the BlackBerry.

But if you are a smartphone user operating system IOS, Android and Windows Phone would have felt familiar with this application. Because the application is already present in the first line of their smartphone apps. Little information, SoundHound is an application of the speech recognition and the application used to recognize music. And now SoundHound also been present as an application for Blackberry. As we know, there are many music lovers who always want to update and find out everything related to music and his favorite singer.

Description and Concept

Blackberry Applications for this course has been eagerly awaited by the presence of the Blackberry users are music lovers. And of course, the existence of this app on their smartphones to help identify what the song title is unknown. Not only help to guess the title of the song but this app also helps you complete the lyrics were forgotten and recognize who the singer of the song. With this application, you no longer need to think of a song that confusion you forget. It is an application that is truly amazing. This application provides a unique concept that is different from the applications that already exists. With the use of this application adds to your knowledge in the world music scene.

Design and User Interfance

SoundHound app for Blackberry has been around since the year 2009 which was released by Melodies Corporation. Soundhound app deliberately created untu you who like to listen to love songs and sing. This application provides a variety of services to identify music through our sound when singing the lyrics of a song. This application is able to guess all of the titles of songs that exist with smart. Not only that SoundHound also with smartnya able to guess the singer began a solo, duet and which is the band. So the presence of this application is to help the world of music lovers.


There are many features offered by the SoundHound app for the Blackberry. And of course it features associated with the world of music. Such features include the lyrics guess the song quickly along the profile of the singer, Split-second quest you only mention the title of the song alone or sings alone, guess the music quickly in just over 4 seconds, and much more.

In addition SoundHound can also directly connected with various social networks like Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pandora Radio, iTunes and various other chat applications. There is another advantage of SoundHound, this application offers many unlimited account for its users. So you can create a lot of accounts in use SoundHound app. With SoundHound app you can menshare or to tag your favorite songs on your friends.

Conclusion and Download

Applications for Blackberry this time really attract attention, especially for those music lovers. With the use of this application, allowing for one to recognize the music to infinity. Starting from the lyrics of the song, songwriter, song title and singer of the data. With this application you can play and exchanging song-posts between friends. No wonder if this application has earned several awards from one of the world's music Billboard Billboard Music App Awards 2010.

If you are a lover of music and are interested in having this app, you can download the application here for free. But unfortunately this application is intended for your Blackberry users 10. Maybe later on this application can be downloaded by any type of Blackberry smartphone enthusiasts considering the number of songs, while for Android and iOS already there first.

Duel iOS 7, BlackBerry 10, Android 4.2 OS and WP8 Keeping the Best Predicate

Smartphones in the global market arena show off a variety of leading companies. Technology giants like Google claimed the lead with the best Android OS. Whether because of the subjective assessment alone or not, the operating system is widely used by smartphone users today.

Following then there is Apple has recently released iOS operating system 7 is exclusive only to the company's iPhone smartphone. It should be underlined also, iOS 7 is also said to be the best OS currently. Apple has yet to release the exclusivism of the operating system and look in the long run will not allow iOS used by the handset than the iPhone or other gadget later. This makes the appearance of the word "hipster" on young audiences. Hipster itself has anti-mainstream sense.

Forget the word "hipster" and we switched to Microsoft. The technology giant famous for the best operating system for laptop computers and is starting to get into the mobile world. Microsoft brings Windows Phone 8 as the latest series with an adaptation of a legacy computer operating system that already they have created and pioneered long ago.

While newcomers are RIM (Research in Motion), known as artificial Blackberry handsets. RIM issued a new operating system along with the launch of its latest smartphone. Blackberry 10 participated tried to snatch the title of the best operating system, even though many people are pessimistic about the Blackberry 10 operating system is able to talk a lot when compared to the three operating systems are considered far more successful than the Blackberry 10.

Claims left and right, it is, and here and there one another mazy determine which operating system is best among the four operating systems that are trends in the global market. Which pinned deserve the word "best"? Consider the following brief review.

Apple iOS 7

No one can deny that Apple is currently in the advanced graphical issues. So also with the handset and iOS 7. Designed with a minimalist and very friendly to the user, iOS 7 is made very intuitive and makes the iPhone users can adapt to an attractive yet simple design.

Performance? Do not ask, iOS 7 is understood that smarthphone working with much needed practical and concise. Apple iOS 7 never know the word slow in his dictionary. Coupled with Siri voice command known as the best current bot, you can use your iPhone like having a personal assistant.

With multitasking, you can do many things simultaneously. Coupled with the notifications that appear also on the screen when in a locked position to make you not only need to unlock to see the incoming notification. Apple iOS 7 is certainly a strong candidate as the best operating system.

Google Androd 4.2

Codenamed Jelly Bean, this time Google is really aiming for the title of best operating system for smartphones. Android itself has used a variety of well-known brand of smartphones, including Apple's rival, Samsung.

Already unquestionable, Android makes it easy for the users, especially programmers, to program its own range of applications and directly used in smartphones, respectively.

Unfortunately, many users are claiming how ribetnya designs created by Google. Although performance is not to say bad, in fact, many viruses have emerged to infect the operating system from Google.

Microsoft's Windows Phone 8

Adopted the look of Windows 8 on the desktop to bring to smartphones, including Microsoft's operating system brings success. Using tile-style Windows 8 on smartphones, many still assume that zoom is not practical, but you live tap on each tile containing the application and its features and applications will run.

Windows Phone 8 is arguably still an experimental project from Microsoft itself. There is no sophisticated features in Apple's Siri, but maybe in the future Microsoft will add it.

For the more practical life, Windows Phone 8 is already support the use of NFC, makes your smartphone will replace the role of credit cards as well as public transport tickets at a later date. Windows Phone 8 also not be underestimated as a candidate for the best operating system.

RIM Blackberry 10

Of all operating systems, BlackBerry 10 is still somewhat of yesterday afternoon. Released by RIM who previously considered to have failed in presenting the operating system on the handset for a variety of reasons, Blackberry 10 expected to bring glory back to his old Blackberry.

There are many flaws in the operating system from RIM. One example is the update to be done manually it makes you hassles when suddenly the app is not running because it needs an update.

Some useful features actually exist, such as NFC support and a notification that also includes highly interactive. Unfortunately, Blackberry 10 is still doubtful won the best operating system.


Comparing these four operating systems, it is not difficult to determine who is the best operating system. But, if you look at the target customers of each company, in fact we like to compare four different types, and of course very insignificant to say that this is better than that.

But if you look in terms of performance, usability, and benefits of the features, it looks like Google's Android smartphone is able to become the choice of many.

BlackBerry BES 10 - Latest Security System of the BlackBerry Enterprise System

BlackBerry BES 10 consists of three services: BlackBerry Device Service (BDS), BlackBerry Management Studio (BMS) and the Universal Device Service (UDS). If you only plan to manage the BlackBerry device you just need to install the first two, while the UDS is adds tools to manage Android and iOS devices.

As with BDS intended only for the BlackBerry 10 devices, you also have to keep running every installation of Blackberry BES 5 to support BlackBerry devices.

Installing Odyssey

When entering the Server Routing Protocol (SRP) identifier and authentication key, you must use the serial number and license key UDS. BDS installs itself Apache web server, so you may need to change the port to use for HTTP and HTTPS connections during server setup if you have a web hosting server. You may have to click forward and back several times in the setup application to ensure that you select the ports do not conflict. UDS uses IIS, and will also require you to install an SSL certificate to connect to the website management. You can create a self-signed certificate in Internet Information Server (IIS) if you do not want to produce a third-party certificate (although there are plenty of options out there free SSL, so as to make the certificate does not need to be expensive).

Two web servers running on the same system is not always recommended (and you also will need some version of Java) BlackBerry expect most users to have each component on a separate server or at least in a virtual machine. One thing to note is that the BES BlackBerry 10 will not run on Windows Server 2012, and you will have a problem installing the Device Manager component on anything other than Windows Server 2008 R2. That could be a problem for anyone who menjalankankannya, because it requires a high availability data center and modern and BYOD devices in order to manage more effectively.

Managing BYOD

BlackBerry BES core of BlackBerry 10 is the Management Studio (formerly known as the BlackBerry Fusion). This makes it possible to manage different BDS and UDS installation from a single interface, while keeping the groups separate. You still have to use the tools of BDS and UDS to manage policies and email connections, as Management Studio only handles provisioning and device queries. You can use the Management Studio to deploy the IT policy to the device, as well as to manage stored data - for example, delete your employment data and data from devices that are no longer part of the BYOD deployment.

BMS will also deploy the policy of UDS to control iOS and Android system, if you do not want to do it via Exchange. One of the key features of the new BlackBerry platform is the separation of work and personal data, using tools built into the platform Balance BB10. The result is the emergence of a new policy in a BlackBerry BES 10 than the previous version, making it easier to control the device (because there is little that you can control). The new policy determines how the Balance separates work and personal information, including defining the work domain and if the user is viewing a unified e-mail to their personal and work accounts.

BB10 has added support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync (EAS), which means that the BES BlackBerry 10 has a very different role in managing email. Instead of connecting directly to the mail server as the previous version, this time wrapping it directly in the EAS channel secure BlackBerry network connection. Also, rather than having to make a connection to the Exchange during setup, you create mail profiles in BDS that can be provided to users. BES is no longer connected to a particular mail server, it can be through the route of internal server provided by EAS / 10 be treated BlackBerry BES mail connection as an extension of your firewall, to keep your mail safe and on devices like in your network.

BlackBerry BES 10 also lets you manage your applications, either give them directly to the user's device, or by offering applications that you have selected from the BlackBerry World app store.

It also allows you to provide access BlackBerry 10 devices directly to a folder on your network.

If you install a BlackBerry server in a different box, then you must be careful about the order of installation. While the installer implies that you must first install the BDS, in practice you need to install first UDS tools in order to make sure that you have IIS running before you install Apache.

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China Mobile Smartphone brands assorted Pressing the Nokia and BlackBerry

Smartphone market continue to grow from year to year, while the level of competition is even more intense. The war between the top vendors and brands of China cell phones are increasingly becoming commonplace. In fact, more recently Chinese vendors selling top vendors. In the smartphone market, Samsung reinforces its position as a champion. As quoted from the IDC report, in the first quarter of 2013, Samsung managed to sell 70.7 million units of smartphones. Misses up 26.7 million from the sale of the first quarter, up 60.7 percent from the same period last year. In terms of market share, Samsung managed to earn 32.7 percent per quarter one 2013.

Compare the market share of the same period last year around 28.8 percent. Support for the Android operating system as well as the popularity of Samsung's Galaxy family in the emerging markets become the main driver of smartphone sales slipping Korean vendors. In the second place is Apple managed to ship 37.4 million smartphones in the first quarter of 2013, controlled 17.3 percent market share. Unfortunately, although sales increased 6.6 percent in the same period last year Apple's market share (23 percent) experienced shrinkage. The presence of the iPhone 5 to be one of the factors triggering the increase Apple's sales, but still not able to restrain the rate of decline in market share. Invasion of the Samsung Android smartphone platform. Apple's popularity has declined blamed to be one of the causes. Even from a poll conducted Mobile Tracker, iPhone only ranks 7th in the UK alias is outside the top three. Smartphone namely Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy S2 precisely controlled positions one to three.

Strategy Analytics released data reveal that the condition is not much different. Samsung smartphone sales menjelit up 56% to 69.4 million units in the March quarter. While iPhone sales alone grew only 6.6% to 37.4 million units. According to Strategy Analyst Analistics, Samsung sells smartphones almost twice as much and grew nine times faster than Apple in the first quarter of 2013. Apple dikalim experiencing growth inhibition compared to Samsung. Strategy Analistics noted if global smartphone shipments in the first quarter of 2013 reached 209.5 million units. Mainly by the adoption of 3G services in China and 4G in the U.S. market. Data Strategy Analistics noted if Samsung and Apple lead the market with a share of the global smartphone market, respectively 33.1 percent and 17.9 percent. LG ranked third with a market share of 4.9 percent. Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp., the two largest mobile phone maker in China, respectively by 4.8 percent and 4.3 persen.sementara IDC data reveals if p [no first-quarter 2013, the Samsung controlled 32.7 percent, Apple controls 17 , 3 percent, LG has 4.8 percent, about 4.6 percent Huawei and ZTE 42, percent. Overall, IDC reveals global smartphone sales in the first quarter of 2013 reached 216.2 million units. This figure is slightly different from the data Analistics Strategy outlined above.

One interesting thing that can be drawn from the data both the research, the Chinese mobile phone brand vendors starting to show its dominance by mastering the four and five positions. That is, they succeeded in displacing some major vendors such as Nokia, BlackBerry and HTC from the top five. From the IDC data for the first quarter of 2013, Huawei managed to achieve significant sales increase 94.1 percent over the same period last year. While ZTE successfully catapulted sales increased approximately 49.2 percent. In the first quarter of 2013 Huawei to ship 9.9 million units and 9.1 million units of ZTE smartphones. Huawei itself does look aggressively penetrate the market with a smartphone that poured targeting low end to high end. As a result, the strategy is able to inflate sales significantly especially in emerging markets. Vendors like HTC admitted if their markets in Europe and the U.S. continue to crushed Samsung and Apple. While in the Chinese market, they have to compete with local smartphone. Even HTC admits early 2013 their earnings until falling to the lowest since 2006.

While BlackBerry and Nokia never found the right formula to boost their smartphone market. BlackBerry and Windows Phone platforms are so Mainstay is still not strong enough to make up for the Android smartphone platform domination lauched vendors such as Samsung, Huawei and ZTE. "The fact that Huawei and ZTE are in the top 5 position designates significant changes in the global market," said Ramon Llamas, research manager of IDC's mobile phone team. Both managed to grow volume to mass market focus circuitry, but later they also began to divert attention to the high end market. Last year former market leaders are in the top five, namely Nokia, BlackBerry (Search In Motion) and HTC. Now Chinese manufacturers such as Huawei and ZTE, Coolpad and Lenovo have managed to attract users circuitry Android smartphone products. Analyst Michael Walkey of Canncord Genuity concludes that in 2013, the combination of Apple and Samsung could record market share to 52.2 percent.

According to estimates Walkey, Samsung could dominate the market with approximately 31.3 percent secure the cake in 2013 and shipped 304.4 million units of smartphones. While Apple is predicted to be distributed 204.1 million iPhones in 2013, recorded a 21 per cent market share. While the performer to competitors Samsung and Apple predicted less satisfactory. Walkey example Nokia that will experience a decline in sales of 431.8 million units in 2009 to 332 million units at the end of 2013. Motorola Mobility sales forecast to decline from 55.1 million (2009) to 27.3 million units (2013). BlackBerry which has sold 52 million handsets last year would be expected to see cuts to nearly half (26.9 million units) by the end of 2013.

Secretly way Internet Browsing on BlackBerry 10

Access the Internet with a browser on any platform will leave traces on the devices used, whether it's history, cookies or other digital traces. It is not a big problem if you are using personal gadgets to access the Internet. There is no problem regarding the trail left because only you are using the personal gadgets, so you do not have a headache thinking about how to browse the internet in secret.

Then, what if you are faced with a case where you are forced to use a shared device, the tools you use with tens or even hundreds of other people, for example in the cafe? Or if you need to borrow a colleague's personal gadget you? Certainly not the polite thing if you want to delete a digital footprint, but because the process is not necessarily simple browser history from your colleagues will be deleted. At this moment the necessary knowledge of how to browse the internet with private browsing.

When you use the secret browsing on a desktop or laptop, this time can be activated directly from the browser being used. There have been many browsers offer this feature with a simple activation and deactivation, some browsers on any gadget is equipped with this feature.

So, why should you bother with a digital footprint? In fact not all browsers provide an easy adjustment feature to start browsing the internet for private ways. Possible to avoid abuse of this feature for irresponsible parties, especially the naughty teens who might want to open forbidden sites and are not detectable by their parents, then even this feature is quite hidden in the system settings option on certain browsers.

Require more knowledge to find out this way. Especially when the browser is in a truly platform recently launched, such as the latest BlackBerry smartphone called BlackBerry 10. With a different interface from previous handsets, Blackberry Q10 and Z10 presence in the market recently is certainly making its use is still common for the buyer.

On both the handset browser also looks more futuristic, with interface features which are quite different settings. This time, you will be taught how to browse in secret in both the handsets. Keep in mind that this method is used to maintain the privacy and not to be abused, so all risk of use in each hand.

The important thing to note is all the users digital footprint before the private browsing feature is enabled, will still exist. Elimination of the digital footprint is and even then must be done manually by the user, respectively. In addition, the support of Adobe Flash on each website visited will be disabled to prevent the entry of cookies into the cookie folder history. And another thing to keep in mind is the private browsing feature can not be activated when you do not come off BlackBerry Balance feature, the latest features offered BlackBerry handsets 10 to separate personal data / personal with the data for employment / professional.

After knowing the important things, then you are able to perform the way surfing in cyberspace in secret. Here are the steps:

1. On BlackBerry 10 handset, open the Browser application.
2. Tap on the Action Key in your handset touch screen, then tap again on the Settings option.
3. Will be out a few other options, tap the Privacy and Security selection.
4. The options and settings regarding privacy and security of browsing will come out on this option. Look for Private Browsing option.
5. Tap switch on Private Browsing in order to switch from OFF to ON.

To disable this feature, you can simply access the Private Browsing option was to go back and tap switches to OFF. Thus private browsing will be disabled, and will be re-stored digital traces.

After reading these steps, it is a secret way to surf the internet on BlackBerry 10 is quite easy, is not it? With this you can maintain privacy and security for browsing on the internet. Again, abuse of this feature is the responsibility of each user.

Cross Power Case 9900, BlackBerry Power Bank With A Large Capacity

Cross is now seem not just want to focus on the smartphone and tablet market alone. This time Cross tried to spread its wings by offering them the latest bank power Cross Power Case 9900. This is a power bank designed specifically for the BlackBerry 9900 users. Power bank charger or portable device offers a solution for users who require a BlackBerry 9900 running out of battery power now and there is no power source. Power bank blackberry is very convenient to carry for traveling as well as mobile users so that the users of the BlackBerry 9900 is now no need to worry anymore if the battery runs out.

Bank current power usage is increasingly prevalent because of a power bank can provide power when the user is mobile and tablets running out of battery. They do not have to bother - bother to look for a power outlet anymore because the bank can provide power to a certain capacity that can memperpanjan battery life on your device. Power bank blackberry offers power bank with a large enough capacity to charge the battery fully to Blackberry 9900 several times.


Power bank for bb of the Cross offers an ergonomic design with casing shape. Cross also claimed that the bank power of their latest products is very practical and does not require cable loops. Because of its casing bentu adopted, it will automatically power bank of the Cross has two functions. The first function is as a wrapper or case for the BlackBerry 9900 and the second function is as a charger. Therefore, the design in such a way, then the user can also easily install or remove the bank's power of their BlackBerry 9900. At the rear power bank for this bb, you will see a beautiful design with silver and dilengkapu list with two large holes. Both of these holes serve to accommodate the camera function on the BlackBerry 9900.

Cross Power Case 9900 comes in several colors, including black and white. Power bank for bb also has a design that is quite lightweight at only 60 grams.


Cross Power Case 9900 using Lithium Polymer battery types and offers good performance with a fairly large battery capacity is 2200 mAh capacity battery that can supply power on a Blackberry 9900 to a few times. Power bank for that dimension mm 122 mm x 68 mm x 15 mm offers two large holes on the back that keep the camera function on the Blackberry 9900 so that when the user attaches the banks of Cross's power, function or facility on the Blackberry 9900 camera is still running as usual or not disturbed.

To meet the power on the power bank for bb's to be used for charging on the BlackBerry 9900, you must first charge the power bank for about 4 hours. Stand by time on the power bank for long enough that the bb up to 12 hours. Power capacity of the power offered by these banks offer the ability to play music up to 48 hours and video playback up to 6 hours of use time to recycle it 500 times. Of course this is a large enough capacity for a power bank for smartphones.

Price and Conclusion

Cross Power Case 9900 is a power bank for bb product that was launched by the Cross. This product comes in several color variants so that users can choose their favorite colors to use the power bank. Power Case Power Bank 9900 is a product specifically designed for the BlackBerry 9900 with a similar casing design and very light weight. Power bank offers a capacity large enough so that the user can use this power bank several times to charge the BlackBerry 9900.

Create BlackBerry applications that the Fashion World

For the fashion enthusiast, BlackBerry applications related to the fashion world is definitely a must-have thing. It would be nice to know all information about the fashion trends that are popular to play a game on it's own fashion. Here is a BlackBerry application application that you can use to determine the trends of fashion and play the game with the theme of the fashion world.

Fashion Icon

Fashion Icon is one of the BlackBerry applications developed by Gameloft inc. who raised the concept of the struggle of a fashion enthusiast who wants to succeed in Paris. Selection of Paris as the game background is very appropriate considering the city of Paris is one of today's fashion.

You will play the character as a young girl who aspires to be a successful person in the fashion world. Unique of Fashion Icon BlackBerry apps compared with apps on other Fashion lies in the story and missions are presented. You will explore the city and shop at the stores are famous for mix and match clothing to prove to people that you coined the incredible fashion sense. You will also manage virtual personal fashion blog and bersosialiasi with the people around you. In the socialization process, it is possible you find love there.

To measure the smartphone game, Fashion Icon graphics are very well developed and detailed. If you are someone who likes the world of shopping and fashion, this will be the game that makes you kecandua. Compared with other similar apps BlackBerry apps, Fashion Icon is quite superior. Just wrote, it looks like this game is quite heavy so sometimes the loading time is long and the batteries become depleted.

You can download this game through the BlackBerry App World. Fashion Icon is one application free Blackberry applications with additional IAP. You can buy several items and extra clothing with real money. This application can be installed on the operating system version 4.5.0 or higher.

Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker

You can find out information about the latest fashion trends so you never miss style in apps BlackBerry apps, one of them on Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker. This app will inform you about the latest fashion trends, fashionable clothes with a variety of situations, the news about the world of fashion, fashion show and photo gallery of hundreds of designers.

Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker also offers a range of additional features that make it worthy of consideration in comparison with other BlackBerry applications applications. This application allows you to upload your photos to the current fashion of course. Interesting information that you can save to your Favorites and you can share directly from the app to your friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email. Not only that, with this application you will obtain information about the locations of stores that sell various products with the latest fashion.

This application also has a neat look, but users often experience difficulty to scroll the page and go to the next page. You can download Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker through BlackBerry App World for free to devices with the operating system version 5.0.0 or higher. Broadly speaking, compared to other BlackBerry applications that also contains information on fashion, Fashion Trendstop TrendTracker. Given the rapidly evolving world of fashion, you should Amoja Limited as developer Trendstop Fashion TrendTracker keep updating this app with the latest information.

Fashion Week

Have you ever imagined yourself as a famous designer with a successful fashion show? Now, the image you can come up with one of the many apps on the BlackBerry app world fashion, that is Fashion Week. Game developed by Softgames GmbH will present a fashion show of your own work. Your dresses will be demonstrated by the work of five people who are very famous super models in the world.

In fact, if you are successful in the show, you could have been named as a famous designer who has his own label. Not that this is a fashion enthusiast dream paa? So, wait no more. Download Fashion Week, which offers the concept and look of the game is interesting at a price $ 0.99. This application is compatible with the operating system version 4.5.0 or higher.

Instagram has been available for BlackBerry OS 10

Some time ago, Instagram has issued a statement that it would not issue a version of BlackBerry 10, at least in the near future. With the advent of this statement, means pupuslah are the expectations of the users BlackBerry OS 10 will be the presence of photo sharing apps this one.

But like Instagram does not necessarily forget Android. Now has come the ported version of Android Instagram app for BlackBerry 10. This is certainly a double-edged sword for the BlackBerry 10 devices, given the results of ports from other platforms usually do not work optimally than winning app released for a platform.

By using a common function performed sideload using Windows / Mac, we can incorporate the results of porting applications to other platforms BlackBerry 10 devices. Using this function means that we are still able to use the instagram app on BlackBerry 10, although the interface and layout is the layout of the interface and the Android version. It is certainly capable of being an exciting news for fans of the BlackBerry operating system made.

Instagram reason for not developing BlackBerrynya version is still in question. Instagram own party just give a brief statement about the absence of a Instagram on the BlackBerry 10 platform. Statement issued by the Instagram itself reads, "There will be no native app Instagram for BlackBerry 10 platform. This is not going to happen, at least in the near future ini.â????

Application Instagram has had many native versions for different platforms. Instagram recently stumbled issues regarding the term of its service by repeatedly contacted regarding procurement BlackBerry native applications for the latest BlackBerry platform, but Instagram budge.

Although the ongoing negotiations for the procurement application nativenya, anyway BlackBerry users can now use the 10 sideload version of Instagram for Android has been ported. By using this method, the Instagram users who also use a BlackBerry 10 device can still use Instagram freely.

However, there are some constraints with respect to the installation of the Instagram app. Because the original version is not intended for the BlackBerry 10 platform, the use of this application will not be surfing his native versions. Tersimonial Some users say that this app is not running smoothly normally. Various lag often occurs, and the BlackBerry 10 device performance was also felt to be slower than usual. However, users still choose the risk Instagram. They are ready to bear the risk of using a non-native application is pending native Instagram app for BlackBerry 10 was approved and launched.

Before you can use the Instagram app, users must make the registration process using an Android or iOS first, not even able to use the browser as usual. This is one of the weaknesses exposed port version of Instagram-sideload Android at this. In addition, another user testimonials also mentioned that this application is not able to make the process of removal of an image. There are also some things that can cause the application not responding and freezing. The quickest way to resolve this is to cover the sideload version of Instagram and reopen it.

In addition to several drawbacks as described above, this application runs very well to take pictures and store and process sharing. You are a fan of Instagram definitely would not bother with a little thing there, because the main process of the Instagram app is still comfortable to use.

While the enthusiast Instagram should be quite satisfied with the presence of Instagram for BlackBerry 10 by way sideload, the BlackBerry has said that BlackBerry will continue to submit a request to Instagram to availability native version of the application for the BlackBerry 10. "BlackBerry and Instagram had a close relationship. We continue to seek the presence of a native app Instagram for BlackBerry 10 devices, but we have not been able to announce the date of availability of the application in the near future, â???? Said Martyn Mallick, VP Global Alliances BlackBerry.

How kelajutan Instagram for the BlackBerry 10 platform? Hopefully native version of Instagram will be available for the BlackBerry 10, so that Instagram users will not hesitate to use the latest version of the BlackBerry.

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Instructions How to Make a Zip File in the BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry's latest operating system BlackBerry 10 is offering an attractive interface design and powerful features to use. For the new switch to a new BlackBerry 10 or BlackBerry use, it's good to learn the basic operations are used. In this article will discuss how to create a ZIP file using the BlackBerry 10.

File that has the extension. Zip is an archive file that contains the original file can be a file with a different format. Zip files can only be filled by the course but can contain folders. Using a file with the extension. Much easier as Zip files or folders that have been in-zip more easily when moved to other places such as between and among hard disk drive to another storage area. In addition, this type of file has a smaller size and much safer because getting a security password, if desired. This makes a lot of files and folders that can be downloaded on the internet has a zip extension because it is more easily transferred and smaller size.

Step-by-step how to create a Zip file on most new BlackBerry operating system is considered to be very easy because exactly the same when using the operating system on a PC or tablet. Fortunately no need to use additional applications to be installed first to use this feature. BlackBerry 10 has a File Manager application is now able to manage Zip files with extensions such as create and open Zip files with ease.

File Manager feature is not only able to compress files that exist in your BlackBerry in the form of image files, video, music, and files with other extensions, but also able to email a Zip file or Zip file you transfer easily to other BlackBerry devices. In this tutorial, will be divided into two parts: the first part is Zip Unzip files and folders as well as files and folders with Zip extension.

Files and Folders

  1. How to create a Zip file that is first run File Manager application in the BlackBerry 10 operating system.
  2. You will go into the file explorer where it will display all the files and folders that are stored on your BlackBerry.
  3. You just have a file or folder is compressed into a Zip file with the file or folder by touching and then detained for a few moments. You can select a file or folder or multiple files and folders by selecting the option Select More on the right side of the File Manager application.
  4. Select the option with the three dots icon under the option Select More to display the Zip file or folder option.
  5. The last way to select the Zip Zip process on the selected files and folders.
  6. Files or folders with your Zip extension has been created. To change the name, just hold the file or folder until the Rename option and change the name as desired.

Unzip Files and Folders
  1. Used almost the same way that applications run File Manager
  2. Find the file or folder that has the extension. Want your Zip Unzip.
  3. Once found, hold the file or folder a few moments to appear Unzip option
  4. Select an option and Unzip files or folders you Zip extention is no longer so that it can be used.

How to Change Display Name and Signature Email BlackBerry 10

You can follow the 10 BlackBerry users how to set up a BlackBerry email to determine whether to add an email signature at the end of the email you send. Email signature is certainly informative concise sentences that are at the end of the email you send. Basically email signature has a few benefits. Your email will look more professional. For those of you who are running a business or managing a blog, email signature can be a free promotional tool for your business or blog.

"Sent my form BlackBerrt 10 smartphone" is a default email signature smaprthone your BlackBerry 10. By default the email you send will include the email signature at the end. Maybe some of you are less comfortable with the standard email signature and may want to make some of his own email signature. How do I change the signature name? How did I set up email BlackBerry 10 so that you can change the display name?

Actually, setting up email on BlackBerry 10 is very easy. You just need to open settings Email Accounts Settings on the BlackBerry Hub. Various settings can email you meet here. How do I set up email on BlackBerry 10 more, especially about how to change the display name and e-mail signature? For users of BlackBerry 10, consider the following tips and tricks.

View Setting Options

Action bar at the top right there is a button on the BlackBerry Hub shaped three points. How to set up email on BlackBerry 10 is that the first click the button to display the various options Hub. Various options contained in the Hub option is To the Top, Bottom To, Search, Compose, Settings, Refresh, and Select More. Then, choose the Settings option so you can set a variety of options, including setting the hub.

Go to Options Email Accounts

On the Settings screen BlackBerry Hub, there are various options that you can choose the setting, the Display and Actions, Hub Management, Text Messages, Cell Broadcast, and Email Accounts. How to set up email on BlackBerry 10 is the option click Email Accounts. There you can see a variety of email accounts active. Choose one account you want to change the email signature or display name her.

Perform the email account you Choose

Once on how to set up email on BlackBerry 10 before you choose an email account, you can open the Email Settings option. On the option you can set the Auto Signature and Out of Office Reply. On this screen you can change or turn off the feature signature name.

Determine Your Email Signature

In the previous column that contains the phrase "Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone" you can type in your email signature homemade. If you want to email signature in two rows, just press the Enter key on your keyboard when you're typing as usual. Thus, how to set up email on BlackBerry 10 email signatures can be changed in order to have success. To exit the settings page, press the Back button.

Also change the Display Name, If You Want

Display name is the name you are visible on the emails you send. To change your Display Name, do I set up email on your BlackBerry smartphone 10 above until you display the Email Settings screen. Select Edit Account option and a new screen will be displayed.

Specify the Display Name for Your New

Once on how to set up email on BlackBerry 10 you have to show the Edit Account screen, can be seen the details of your email account settings. In the Display Name field, delete your old display name and type a new display name. After that, at the top right there on the Save button. Press the button.

So how to set up email on BlackBerry 10 so that you can change the default name change default signature BlackBerry and change your Display Name. The more tips and tricks on how to use the BlackBerry that you read, the more optimal also use your BlackBerry. Of course you want to explore the potential of your smartphone, right? So, good luck good luck

Tips on How to Copy Paste on the BlackBerry with Tool Utilizing File Explorer

There are many features on the Blackberry device is very useful for a variety of purposes. Blackberry devices and many users do not realize or know the right features and how to use it or use it. Blackberry is one of the features many users still do not know how important and beneficial feature is the File Explorer. This kind of windows explorer file explorer on the windows desktop computer device that has the functionality to manage music files, videos, pictures or documents. You can also copy and paste it in the Blackberry way through this feature, as it may often do you do in Windows Explorer.

One of the uses of copy paste in Blackberrry way is to manage those files with a nicer setting and such that suits your needs and your wont, including to some of the locations that you might want, or you just knew it. Files in Explorer file management is very useful in storage or memory settings on your Blackberry device and it will also reduce the workload of your Blackberry device system.

And how to copy and paste on the Blackberry can not only be through File Explorer features, but in a few features such as messaging or messagingpun can be done. But we will discuss how to copy and paste in File Explorer Blackberry through this because so many benefits and many BlackBerry device users who do not know how. How to move or copy paste the content is done on the Blackberry OS 5.0 and OS 6.0 which only has a few differences. How to copy and paste in Blackberry, both for OS 5.0 and OS 6.0 are as follows;

Copy Paste on Blackberry OS 5.0

Blackberry on the menu, you can go straight to the media folder and then you select the Menu and select Explorer

The next step for how to copy and paste this in OS 5.0, is after being in the Explorer menu, you select the memory device and then select the folder Blackberry

In the Blackberry folder, locate the file you want to move or copy the file and then highlight it and press the menu button and select the file and then move or copy

How to copy and paste on Blackberry OS 5.0 is still continuing into how to choose a location to place the transfer of files that have been copied earlier. In this stage you will see your current location on the top / Media Card

If you have found or specify a location for the file that you copy or copy, you press the menu button and select Move Here or Copy Here.

Copy Paste on Blackberry OS 6.0

How to copy and paste on Blackberry OS 6.0 is almost the same as the copy and paste method on Blackberry OS 5.0. Copy and paste the files on the Blackberry OS 6.0 is as follows:

Blackberry on the View menu, you can directly go to the media folder or tray and then you select by pressing the Menu button and select Explorer menu

The second step for how to copy and paste this in OS 5.0, is after being in the Explorer menu, you select the device or media card and then choose the folder Blackberry

In the Blackberry folder, locate the file you want to move or copy the file then you highlight it and press the menu button and select the file then select Cut or Copy

How to copy and paste on Blackberry OS 5.0 is still continuing into how to choose a location to place the transfer of files that have been copied earlier. In this stage you will see your current location on the Media Card

If you have found or specify a location for the file that you copy or copy, you press the menu button and select paste to put the file in this location.

So how to move files or copy and paste content in the Blackberry OS 5.0 and Blackberry OS 6.0. How to copy and paste it certainly has the efficiency in terms of time in managing important files in your Blackberry device. So you as a Blackberry user would not lose if you know how to copy and paste and try it on my Blackberry.

Sophistication secret BlackBerry Z10 Virtual Keyboard

One of the producers who have made BlackBerry one of the latest BlackBerry smartphones have been equipped with the Z10 some interesting features, one of the most interesting features of the latest BlackBerry series is from the virtual keyboard available on a BlackBerry is. BlackBerry Z10 has a virtual keyboard feature types contained in the latest BlackBerry, BlackBerry Z10.

Virtual keyboard features contained in the BlackBerry Z10 offers the convenience of typing, when you type fast accurately, with minimal typing error rate. In a virtual keyboard feature BlackBerry 10 is also seen that the distance between one another fairly tight. However, BlackBerry provides a rather thick boundary between the upper and lower range.

But if you pay attention to the virtual keyboard display sekiltas BlackBerry Z10 is almost similar to a physical keyboard Blackberrry Q10, and is one of the phones that have been able to use the BlackBerry 10 operating system. With the design of the keyboard from end to end with a straight design, and not like the old BlackBerry keyboard, designed curved from end to end.

The most interesting is a letter that is in addition to a virtual keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10, Z10 BlackBerry also provides characters or symbols and emoticons are also available in the BlackBerry one, to be able to allow you to use the chat feature available in BlackBerry on this one, so you do not have to bother anymore to find that there is emotion symbols.

Aside from the look and design of the letters of interest in the BlackBerry Z10, Z10 BlackBerry also provides Word Suggestion feature that can be used to predict the next, so when you use this feature for typing, word suggestions then this feature will allow you to be able to predict The next word that might be your type. This prediction words commonly referred to as word suggestions, and will appear in the initial letter key word prediction.

If you want to use this word in a language Indnesia prediction, then you first have to set it in Indonesian, the easiest way is you can go to the settings menu, then to the Language and input languages, and you can change the display language or the language of the display into Indonesian.

The most interesting thing is you can see the number of words that will appear daan predictions will be different each time, to three words, five words or even more. If you want to be able to use the word prediction feature, then you simply touch and drag them on top.

Latest BlackBerry operating system BlackBerry Z10 with Z10 is also officially been released and will be marketed in a number of areas. BlackBerry Z10 also assessed several parties as one of the products with an attractive design, the BlackBerry Z10 also looks different from the previous generation, but with the arrival of this BlackBerryZ10 looks will face a tough challenge, especially with the presence of some of the latest smartphones from iPhone and Android the control of the growth of smartphones today.

If viewed from the existing data, the BlackBerry is now claimed to have about 80 million users around the world with a market share of 5%. They should also strive to be able to market a product is to be able to compete with other products.

With this new product from BlackBerry, BlackBerry Z10 will be able to add product differentiation similar for gadget lovers as well as for business people, with unique features and the attractive design of this one type of BlackBerry. In Indonesia, the BlackBerry still has a potential market, and according to news that BlackBerry Z10 beredasr is enough demand in the market with its first sales in the UK and Canada.

BlackBerry 10 Tips: How to Turn off the BlackBerry Notifications Hub

With the new flagship, released last month, BlackBerry 10 gives the changes claimed to be better than the previous generation of BlackBerry products. With a variety of features that are more user-friendly is expected product Canadian company can re-raise the rate of global sales after competition from Apple and Samsung smartphones output. Tips tricks BlackBerry 10 was getting a lot of splatter on the internet.

Some important features are the mainstay of BlackBerry 10 will allow users, one of which is named BlackBerry Hub. With tips tricks BlackBerry Hub, users can maximize this feature to get a variety of information and notification of account that is integrated into it. The account is an account that can be integrated email, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, and also account IM (Instant Messaging) platform sort of BBM (BlackBerry Messenger.) The addition to those accounts can be integrated with a user-configured calendar, both email and calendar provider .

Only with a swipe and a tap is done by a finger on a touchscreen BB 10, all activities and updates from accounts that are integrated can be seen and addressed. New, more intuitive interface will also make users more comfortable using it. BlackBerry Hub alone can set the settings according to the wishes and needs of the user.

Sometimes there is a need to integrate a lot of users who have accounts in the BB Hub. Usually this is due to differences in the account for personal use and in the professional world (daily work.) BB Hub feature provides separation between job requirements and personal needs. However, notification of any updates coming out account will remain running, and it is quite annoying some users BB 10. There are tips and tricks for overcoming BlackBerry.

At BB Hub, there are features that can be set up notification settings updates from various accounts that are integrated in it. This will help users to reduce the number of alerts and reminders when a notification sound coming out of one (or more) accounts that are integrated without having to remove the account from the system integration BB Hub. Users just go to see the update notification on the screen without BB 10. Consider the following tips and tricks that you can do well on your own smartphone.

  • The first thing to do is go to the BB Hub feature, this can be done in a way to swipe the touch screen from the bottom up, then before it is released to do the movement also swipe to the right screen.
  • When the feature BBHub already out and appear on the screen, then you will see the notification of various integrated account updates. At the bottom of the screen notification there will be some other options that are used to support these features. The options available are the Options (marked with three dots icon on the bottom right,) Search, and Compose. Perform these tips to select the three dots icon, Option option.
  • Once entered into the Option interface, look for the Settings menu on the screen.
  • Upon entry to the Settings interface, will come out some other adjustment options here. These tips can be found in the settings option Display and Actions.
  • Look for the option Display Message Count.
  • Display Message Count on this, tap the existing switch that turns ON to OFF.

To enable it, you just follow the steps above tips, and tap to change the switch to ON again.

Rabu, 26 Juni 2013

Q10 BlackBerry Tips and Tricks: How to Use Instant Action Feature

For new BlackBerry users might not quite understand how to maximize this feature, but there are some tips and tricks that can maximize the functionality BlackBerry from Instant Action feature of the BlackBerry 10.

How to Use Call and Send Email

To make a call using Instant Action feature existing BlackBerry tips and tricks that you can apply, you simply type in the call and then after that type the name or phone number that you want to go. Or you can use an alternative command by typing the phone number, or dial phone. This method is quite simple, do not like the process of making a call on a smartphone normally open contacts to your friends first and then search for an existing contact. So they can save you time and more practical. Likewise if you want to send an email, such as how to make calls when you can simply type 'email' or 'mail' and then typing the name or the email address that you want to go.

How to Send SMS and BBM

To send SMS messages do not need to open the folder. If you use the Instant Action then you can simply use the tips and tricks that BlackBerry by simply typing 'text' and then proceed by typing the name of a friend or relative or relatives who would you kirimin SMS. Or you can also type 'SMS', 'msg' or 'massege'. Meanwhile, if you want to use BBM on your BBM just type 'fuel' and then the name is already saved in the contact. So you do not need to search anymore Massenger BlackBerry folder if you want berBBMan with anyone.

Update your Facebook status or Twitter

With the use of Instant Action feature status updates on Facebook or Tweet jamming could be easier and easier. You just typing 'Facebook' and live status update just about anything you want to update.Atau can also type 'fb' aja. As well, if you are a Twitter user and use Blackberry Q10, you just type the letter 'Tweet' then please tweet on your Twitter. Or it could also type 'tw'. Blackberry tips and tricks is more efficient because users no longer need to search for the folder menu then Facebook or Twitter.

Creating Posts In Linkendln

To make a post on Lindkendln using Instant Action you can follow these tips as usual BlackBerry tricks. You just type 'Linkendln' or just 'li' and write status updates that you want. Ways of writing using the social networking status in Instant Action is quite easy and not complicated so that you can do it anywhere.

Making Notes On Blackberry and Content Writing

Blackberry tips and tricks to make notes or note using the Blackberry series 10 is actually pretty easy. You just type the letter 'note' or 'memo' and then make a note that you want to create. Once completed please you save on Blackberry Remember. Whereas if you want to write your content just write 'task' and then you just write the content. Or you can also use the alternate command by typing 'todo'.


Typing the command or alternative command word can not have just done above. Blackberry tips and tricks to remember is that you do not forget to download the language settings that you use on your Blackberry settings. Command language that can be used is English. If not then a few words be set commands can not function. Features Instant Action is a feature that provides an easy way for users to use other features in the Blackberry.

Applications for BlackBerry Contains Recipes For The Vegetarian

Arrange for the vegetarian diet is a challenge. A vegetarian diet pattern should develop in such a way that their nutritional needs remain unmet despite not eating meat. If a vegetarian does not pay attention to nutritional intake, rather than healthy, lifestyle gone through just to make a vegetarian can be weak even sick. There are several applications for BlackBerry that can help prepare a vegetarian diet. Here are four such applications.

Vegetarian Recipes

By becoming a vegetarian, you have to be smart to meet the body's need for protein previously you can get by eating meat. Many sources of protein other than meat that you can try as a day-to-day cooking. Soybean is one good source of protein for vegetarians. Various other nuts that you can also process into the daily diet, such as cashews or almonds. If you need inspiration about the ingredients and how to process food for the vegetarians, the application for the BlackBerry you can make as a reference.

Various recipes can be found by downloading the app for the BlackBerry. Various recipes are contained in Vegetarian Recipes Artichoke Soup, Tea Lentil, Carrot Stew, Brazilian rissoles, Egg and Tomato Fritters, and many others. This application you can download for free. The interface is quite simple so it allows you to explore this application and find a recipe that's right for you. Unfortunately, this app is only compatible on BlackBerry Z10. Download the application here.

Simple Sensible Diet for Vegetarians

By downloading the application to BlackBerry on this one, you will be guided to become a vegetarian with an ideal body. You will learn what foods you need everyday. Advice given by an application called Simple Sensible Diet for Vegetarians is based on the science of nutrition and weight loss process is healthy.

With a price of $ 1.99, or about 20,000, you can download Simple Sensible Diet for Vegetarians through BlackBerry App World. App for BlackBerry is compatible with the operating system 4.7.0 or higher operating system. Different modes of use are also offered by Simple Sensible Diet for Vegetarians so you can use this application with the target and you can target the desired body shape. Please download here.

New Vegetarian Dishes

Applications to BlackBerry on this one is the ebook version of the same title, the New Vegetarian Dishes, essay Bowdich. In this application you can find a lot of vegetarian recipes. In addition, there are also many hints and tips for the vegetarian culinary field. Surely what is contained in this book can be a source of your inspiration.

New Vegetarian Dishes have a range of features that allow you to explore the content in it. Customizable view this application in accordance with your wishes. Font size on this application you can customize to your needs. Application for Blackberry is also available in portrait and landscape mode. Additionally, you can navigate it easily thanks to the table of contents in it.

Applications for the BlackBerry which is priced at a relatively affordable price, in the amount of $ 0.99 or about 10,000. New Vegetarian Dishes compatible with operating system 6.0.0 or higher operating istem. Visit BlackBerry App World to download this application. Please download here.

Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery

You find a collection of recipes to use ingredients that have economical price? Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery written by AG Payne is an ebook that you are looking for. Applications for BlackBerry contains a variety of dishes with practical processing. Various features also support quality of Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery. In addition to the features that are owned by the New Vegetarian Dishes also owned by Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery, this app also allows you to display customize a way to change background color for your convenience when reading.

Cassell's Vegetarian Cookery compatible with operating system 6.0.0 or higher operating system. With a price of $ 1.99, or about 20,000, you can download this app for BlackBerry on BlackBerry App World here.

Collection Spaceship War Game for BlackBerry

Since long war game plane to be one of the most popular games. You will control the plane and faced with an enemy attack. Course in order to win the war, you must skilled in controlling the aircraft and launch an attack.

For BlackBerry users who want the best war game with a simple concept, here are some games that can be your choice. Following the fourth game you can download for free. What is it? Here's his review.

Galaxy Protector

What if you are given the responsibility to protect the galaxy? You will feel it by playing Galaxy Protector. You will play the role as leader of the last galactic commander can keep the peace and save the galaxy from an enemy attack. In the war game this one your plane will fly and fight against enemies among the planets. Launch shots to destroy enemies and collect points to boost your energy.

Aircraft war game developed by Lunagames presents an image that is sharp enough and enemies with a variety of types. With so many types of enemies that must be faced, Galaxy Protector will not be boring to go on and continue to play. Galaxy Protector for free download via the BlackBerry App World and join a rescue force commander galaxy. This application measures just 663 KB and is compatible with BlackBerry version 4.5.0 or higher.

Alien Invaders

What happens if there is a bunch of aliens who attacked the plane and wanted to rule the world? This concept AppSnacks.mobi trying to present through the air war game is called Alien Invaders. The enemy will continue to intensify its attacks until the plane could reach the earth. You will be someone who is obliged to save the world from attack enemy aircraft. Shoot all the enemy planes so that the planes did not come to earth and rule the world.

Unfortunately, although the concepts are presented sounds pretty epic, game quite boring. You only control the movement of the plane to the left and to the right and press the dedicated button to launch a shot. That's all you can do on this plane war game. If you are interested, you can download it for free via the BlackBerry App World. Alien Invaders size 480 KB and is compatible with BlackBerry version 4.5.0 or higher.

Dark Galaxy

Heyday disappearing man on earth and the atmosphere became increasingly chaotic. Various attacks from a variety of space colony kept pounding the earth. As pimpnan, you must set up your troops and prepare them to win the fight. Sustainability of the Earth is in your hands. The concept is supported by a variety of features on aircraft war game developed by Uken Games. You may be able to assemble your own aircraft and weapons. Make sure you create a sophisticated ammunition in order to survive in battle. If you have won a certain award, you will be faced with a battle master with a higher challenge.

Dark Galaxy is the best war game that is played online. You need an internet connection to be able to play it. Because it is online, there is a ranking of the best players to 10,000. Although you will be competing with 10 million panorama of this game from all over the world, make sure you are getting the high points and is ranked the top. Moreover, in this application there is a forum where you can communicate with other players. Can not wait to try it out? Immediately for free download via the BlackBerry App World. Dark Galaxy measuring 3 MB and is compatible with operating system 5.0.0 or higher and tablet 1.0.0 or higher.

Space Blast Free

Only one option you have, fight. Earth is under the onslaught of alien attack and you must defend it. You have to seize the weapons possessed by the alien creatures and fight using the weapons. In addition to an interesting concept, graphics and music that will motivate your adrenaline while playing a war game this plane.

Space Blast Free is the best war game developed by XIMAD INC. Size of 5 MB This application is compatible with the operating system 5.0.0. Space Blast Free download via the BlackBerry App World and feel the excitement the game has to offer.

BlackBerry Tricks Tips You Need to Know By BB10 User

The presence of BB 10 operating system into a separate new innovation of BlackBerry. By presenting the product variants such as BlackBerry Z10, Q10, and Q5, the company is trying back to exist in the world of smartphones. BlackBerry major changes were made to the newest operating system. Unfortunately, these changes make the BB users who are familiar with the operating system before the confusion. a features slightly altered so it needs a new habituation longer in control of the operating system. For you are a bit confused with the BlackBerry 10 operating system, there are the following BlackBerry tips and tricks are very useful for you.

Setting Word Substitution

BlackBerry tips and tricks are provided for setting the first word substitution. This feature was originally known as sebuatan Auto Text. But since BB 6.0 operating system, the name was later changed to Word Substitution. This feature is a feature that allows users to write quickly, or it can be said simply typing a few letters, but later will be too long or it can turn into a very creative character. A feature that is quite good. So BlackBerry tips like what Word Substitution will be explained about this?

In the BB10 operating system, many users were confused. Some even disappointed because they think this feature is absent in BB10. However, it turns out the B10 features of word substitution still buried just need diulik further. It is a few steps to the users who want to take advantage of this feature.

The first step is to choose a setting or a setting ya g contained on Home Screen
Next select the language settings (language) and select Input.
Then you will see an option Automated Assistance. Choose and annti appeared Word Substitution
After that do the Add Shortcut. This serves to add features Auto Text

After the Word Substitution feature will appear on BlackBerry 10. Unfortunately, this feature allows the use of only one line. Namu did not rule out if there will be a renewal (update) software, this feature is not just one line. That Blackberry tips about Word Substitution feature that many users preferred by the BB.

Additional settings EScreen

For BlackBerry users who like to tamper with the device, with features Escreen psati know. Features included with the operating system BB long this is a setting that regulates technical issues that can not be found on the main settings menu BlackBerry. With this feature, you can access the APN information, Wi-Fi state, Vendor ID Remote logs, and your tower. What is interesting from this feature. This feature is useful for users who are accustomed to seeing unusual arrangement.

On BlackBerry 10, this feature is considered dead. But the actual BlackBerry smuggle this little hidden feature. This time Blackberry tips about this feature will discuss how to unlock this feature.

The first step you need to open a browser and visit escreen
You may have to go on the page help screen that can be visited here.
After that input some data on your BB device 10 such as a PIN, use the application version and uptime.
Pilihalah duration fit your desire.
Then you will get the code

After that you just need to enter the code on your BB. This setting is not something that is very powerful but quite useful abgi some people who love fiddling with a BlackBerry, for example, the phone technician. That's helpful tips on setting up a Blackberry more about BlackBerry 10.

Dual Screen Settings
To cover article Blackberry tips this time, to be discussed is the dual screen feature. Some users may already know these tips, but for you who do not know about these tips, you can try it. These tips show you how to set two different background images on Locks Screen and Home Screen. First you can set the photo as the first Lock Background. To set it up, you can choose Settings, and then enter or select the menu Pictures File Manager menu. The second step you have to enter Settings then System Settings continues to Security And Privacy and select Parental Control. Further you can activate Parental Control Switch with change be ON. You will be asked to give a password. In the Add Recovery Question, you must choose unchek. After these steps successfully, and then adjust the display background. Look picture is different now? Quite interesting is not the Blackberry tips this time?