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Tips on the BlackBerry Browser

Sometimes when we are outside our homes need to read the news, and because of that we carry only the BlackBerry SmartPhone, then inevitably we must read the news via BlackBerry browser. Do you know if in the BlackBerry Browser also a shortcut - a shortcut that allows us to call functionality - certain functions quickly.

Here are tips on shortcuts and functions that can be run on the BlackBerry that we have:

* Press the G button to enter the Web address on any web page.
* Providing a point on the Web address by clicking Space (no need to alt m).
* Click Left Shift or Right Shift and then Space to insert slashes in web addresses.
* Click the Add button to bookmark your web page to open.
K * Click to enter a list of bookmarks.
* Click the button R to refresh the Web page.
* Press the T button to go up to the top of the web page and press the B button to go to the very bottom of the web page.
* Press the Y button to know your history when it is in the web page.
* Press the P button to view, copy and send the address of the web page that's open at that time.
* Press the U button to view web pages in full screen.
* Press the first button to zoom Zoom out web pages, and the O key to zoom zoom-in web pages.
* Press the S button to enter the browser option.
* Press the F button to search for a word - the word you want in a web page.
* Press the H button to go to go to the homepage.
* Press the A button to refresh with javascript enabled.
* Press the C button to see the data connection.

Error Code on BlackBerry And How To Fix

If the previous post we discussed about the Solutions to Overcome error No Message Services Configured and Troubleshooting Solutions For App (Error 200 this time we will explain some of the problems common error occurs on a BlackBerry that we have. Impossible Because the error will also occur on the BlackBerry you are. following sorts - kind of error and how to overcome them:

* JVM Error 102, This error can occur because there is damage to the file. COD, usually the way around that is to re-install the BlackBerry OS you use.

* Error 350-359, Error is due to a program that is not compatible with the BB and damage files. How to cope is to uninstall via desktop manager or by logging into Safe Mode.
* Error 502/505/507/552, this particular error is caused by damage to the data on the BlackBerry system. The fix is ​​to wipe the BB and then re-install the OS.
JVM Error 513 - Reset, This error occurs because you enter the wrong password 10 times in a row. The fix is to re-install your BlackBerry OS.
App Error 576, Error is usually associated with the IT Policy, to deal with it is to change the settings persisted Disable Plain Text to False.
App Error 602/603, Error is caused due to an error that occurred in the Java application. To fix this is to do a hard reset will solve the problem, but if it can not then you should wipe your BlackBerry and OS Reload.

Track the existence of BlackBerry Application Visual Me

If you are traveling to the place or tourist attractions with son - your daughter is so petrified your application, because this application can help you to track the whereabouts of the son - or daughter while they are away or disappear from our observation. This application is called VisualMe application to track the location of the BlackBerry in real-time. The way this application works is not much different from the GPS Tracker.Cara using this application is easy, and can be installed on multiple BlackBerry with just one administrator account, which serves as the controller. This app can control your BlackBerry at 0 to 10 m radius.
The following Visual Feature Me:

* Can control the existence of BlackBerry through the PC.
* Can be configured and SMS or email notification when BlackBerry left the location radius-controlled coverage according to the distance that has been in the setting.
* Can store location history in detail, from the position, time and velocity change of location.

To be able to use this application you must use the BlackBerry OS 5.0.0 or greater. And you can download the application directly on the BlackBerry AppWorld. Please try and get the ease of application monitoring son - your daughter.

Selasa, 13 Agustus 2013

How to Easily Transfer Between Blackberry Applications

Have you thought about a new BlackBerry device, but then changed his mind because lazy to search for and install another application that already exist in the old BlackBerry new BlackBerry later. If it is an obstacle for you to replace the BlackBerry, then the following tips will be the solution for you to keep replacing your old BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry to your target. Because the following tips will explain how you transfer existing applications and games on your old BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry. So we can be sure you will not lose apps and games available on the old BlackBerry.
Before you follow step by step tips below, should be ascertained first if you're using the BlackBerry unlimited internet service package. Here's how to transfer apps and games from the old BlackBerry to a new BlackBerry (between BlackBerry):

* Go to the menu Blackberry App World via your new BlackBerry.
* Click on the menu My World.
* Click the BlackBerry menu button and select Login.
* Incorporate Blackberry Blackberry ID is the same as the ID used on your old Blackberry.
* After a successful login, click on the Installed and Uninstalled select.
* In the BlackBerry screen will display a list of applications that you have installed, click on any of the applications, and then press the BlackBerry menu button and select Reinstall.
* Wait until the install is complete, then select the other apps that you want to be installed in your new BlackBerry.

How to Remove a registered email address from BlackBerry Messenger

Once you delete the email address listed on the BlackBerry ® Messenger, you can no longer restore your contact list over the wireless network using the email address. If you delete all the registered email address from BlackBerry Messenger, then your contact list will not automatically backed up again until you register the email address on BlackBerry Messenger.

Here's How to Delete Email Addresses Listed on BlackBerry Messenger:

1. On the Home screen or in the Instant Messaging folder, click the BlackBerry Messenger icon.
2. On the contact list screen, press the Menu key.
3. Click Options.
4. Click the Backup.
5. Click the Back up files remotely.
6. On the Backup screen, highlight an email address.
7. Press the Menu key.
8. Click the Edit Email Status.
9. Press the Menu key.
10. Click the Disable email.

How to Save BlackBerry Messenger chat history

Sometimes we need to save the chat history via BBM, especially when it comes to order goods or payment confirmation that we are doing via BBM. Well maybe these tips will help you, tips on how our history that we do chat via BBM, the following steps - steps:

* At the time we did chat in BBM, press the menu key, select options, look for the chat view, there is a menu save chat history, and save the chat to the media card.

* If at any time you would like to see the chat history that you have saved, select a contact where you do chat via BBM and you save. After the conversation screen appears, press the menu button and then click view chat history

Our suggestion for a more efficient, our conversations did we save on fuel and folders should be displayed in the message. The trick is to click the options menu, look for miscellaneous section, uncheck show chats in messages application BB Groups. And if we do not want a conversation group messages appear in folders by selecting the message list integration, select settings, select no activities.

Senin, 12 Agustus 2013

Blackberry Tips: How to combine History Messages, Saved In The BBM

Each chat message that you did with BlackBerry Messenger, automatically saving your BlackBerry SmartPhone. And when we are just about to start or open a new BlackBerry Messenger, the chat we've ever faithful and yet we are pleased to be deleted will be displayed as individual messages in your message folder. But you can set up a message or chat we've ever done and we can incorporate chat history rather than having separate any incoming messages and outgoing messages. And we can combine chat / messaging that includes all messages sent and received to a specific user or group in a single screen.

Conversation thread allows you to easily read the conversation and sort them by person or group. Next step - step combines the BBM message history:

* Enable Home Screen on your BlackBerry.
* Log on BlackBerry Messenger.
* Press the Menu button, then select Options.
* Block / highlight "the message that you want to merge".
* Press the menu button and then select save.

Blackberry Tips: How to Delete Runtime Applications Through Safe Mode

As a BlackBerry smart devices sometimes make us really enjoy it but often we also contrived dizzy from it. This is due to we can easily knock down the application on the device. Moreover, if we turn her BIS package, we can easily find and get all kinds of applications that we want both free and paid full. We only stayed open applications on our devices in Appworld. then hundreds and even thousands of unique applications can be downloaded and installed on our BlackBerry.

But apart pairs well application utility applications, games or other applications often causes the BlackBerry can not run like we usually or sometimes can cause problems as it arrived - arrived hang or freeze the screen (white / dark). And if the problem arises after you install certain applications on the BlackBerry we were previously no problem, it can be ascertained if the cause is the software, it could be because it does not support the type of our BlackBerry or no support for the OS that is installed on the BlackBerry or the installation process not perfect because there are less files due to incomplete download process. And to overcome this we would need to get rid of / uninstall the problematic application. But how do I get rid of because we are in a condition Hang BlackBerry or even in conditions FREEZE?.

Here are tips on how to remove the application that caused the BlackBerry Runtime through Safe Mode:

* Press the ALT key + right shift + del simultaneously to perform Soft Reset or you can do a Hard Reset BlackBerry by pulling the battery and put it back.
* Press the back button or exit immediately when the LED lights up red.
* Fixed press and hold the Back button or Exit for a few seconds until the Blackberry logo or writing on the screen. Wait a few moments later in the release.
* If successful, the screen will display a notification, then click 'OK'.
* Allow BlackBerry lit up in Safe Mode condition. after that you can uninstall the last apps you installed the BlackBerry cause you problems (error) and then you can restart your device.

Hope it helps ..!

Solution if you forgot the password and secret question BlackBerry ID

On this post we would like to answer some of the questions that came in connection with a BlackBerry ID, this is our basis of the many questions that came in about BlackBerry ID. Our advice in connection with the question of a friend - a friend who can not login due to forgotten passwords to your BlackBerry ID are as follows:

* If you can not login to BlackBerry ID first thing you need to check is make sure the username is correct BlackBerry ID, username is your email.
* If the email address you enter is correct, the second thing you need to make sure it is a password for your BlackBerry ID. forgot the password for your BlackBerry.

Much of what happens is that we forget the BlackBerry password that we have because we rarely use / login to BlackBerry ID and you should save / write password for your BlackBerry ID. Actually, if we forget the BlackBerry ID password that we have we still got hope to ask / request / recovery new password for your BlackBerry ID we were like in the previous post How to Reset a BlackBerry ID Password. By the time we request password recovery, needed answers to secret questions we've ever made at the time of registering the BlackBerry ID. But if we forget the answer to the secret question, then we recommend you to create a new BlackBerry ID. To create a new BlackBerry ID you need to sign up again using a new email or another email from the email that you registered earlier. Click here to create a new account on a BlackBerry ID.

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Blackberry Tips: Fixing BB Dead

BlackBerry is not released in error issues that may not happen on a mobile phone. Especially if you are new to owning and using a BlackBerry. Using the BlackBerry is very different treatment than using a regular phone both in terms of maintenance / management / install / uninstall applications, even in the simplest case, namely battery . For that to us that the new BlackBerry users should understand and know how to care for and treat the BlackBerry SmartPhone devices.

In general, problems that occur simply because of 2 factors: factor of software or hardware factors. If at any time there is a problem or error on your BlackBerry, you should not need to rush - rush we take our BlackBerry services to the center first, because sometimes certain error we can still handle alone. First we need to know what is the error message that appears on the BlackBerry screen we have to some error, the BlackBerry will display an error message in the form of code - a code corresponding to the error that occurred.

Well what if we die total BlackBerry Flash LED only its course without any error messages that appear on screen BlackBerry. For what is likely the first one is the problem that software can not detect battere correctly (problems in battere), for this problem usually happens because we forget charge battery / charge until battery completely - completely empty. And for this kind of problem can be fixed by charge battery in a special way (read: Overcoming BlackBerry Can not Charge After Running out of power in battery), replacing battere battere with a new one, or you reinstall your BlackBerry OS (OS reload). The second possibility after you do the first solution on the possibility of yet your BlackBerry still blank, is damage to the Hardware usual on the LCD. For these conditions you need to bring your BlackBerry to BlackBerry service center.

BlackBerry Tips: How To Reset To Full Touch Screen

As in the previous post about what we should do if they arrive - arrived blackberry we hang or hourglass appears on the screen, at the time we did not do much except wait or restart our BlackBerry. To restart the BlackBerry is not difficult if we use BlackBerry with qwerty keypad, since we only need to press "ALT + right shift + del", but not so well if we use BlackBerry with a full touch screen models like the BlackBerry with a series as following: BlackBerry Storm 1 and 2, Blackberry Torch 9800, BlackBerry Torch 9850, BlackBerry Curve 9380, and several other series.

To reset the BlackBerry with a full touch screen models we need to open up and release the BlackBerry battery then put it back, complicated does not it?. Well now we want to share information about how to reset the BlackBerry full touch screen without having to unplug battery. The way is easy, you just need to download applications for your BlackBerry Appworld reset. Restart Me app called by S4BB Limited as a developer. With this application you can reboot your device without the need to unplug battery. Please download here.

Blackberry Tips: How to Restore Missing Application Icon

On the BlackBerry, to access or run an application quickly we can do it via the icon - the icon screen / home screen BlackBerry. But what would happen if suddenly the icon - icon for applications - applications that we use often arrived - arrive missing or no longer on your BlackBerry home screen display, certainly confused. You do not need to be confused if this condition happens to you someday. We may unconsciously click "HIDE" so icon - the application icon on home screen display is lost or hidden.

And in fact a way to restore / retrieve the icon - the application icon is missing / hidden is very easy. The trick is to come up with a home screen and then press the BlackBerry menu button and select Show All. But if it turns out icon - the stretcher icon still does not appear, try resending your service book. And if you use your Blackberry with OS 5cobalah do steps - these steps: go to menu Options - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table and Register Now. But if you use a Blackberry with OS6 do steps - these steps: go to Options - Device - Advanced System Settings - Host Routing Table and Register Now.

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Blackberry Tips: How To Eliminate Application Ever Uninstalled

If we are assembling the application on BlackBerry devices we then all we ever uninstall apps will always appear in the list Uninstalled apps in Blackberry App World. And to eliminate it needed its own way is to reset your BlackBerry BlackBerry App world, because the list will continue to perform unistalled applications. Here's how to remove apps unistalled list:

1. If you are using the Blackberry App World old version is version 2.0 or 2.1, then the way to eliminate or clean lists unistalled aplications or applications that have been uninstalled on our Blackberry devices simply by pressing the ALT + RST.
2. For those of you who have used the new type has a BlackBerry using BlackBerry App World version 3.0 or BlackBerry Dakota 9900 and such other or you have upgraded version of the App World on your BlackBerry to version 3.0, it is a way to eliminate or clean lists unistalled aplications or applications that have been in uninstalled on our Blackberry devices simply by pressing the ALT key + RSTRST to reset the Blackberry App World.

BlackBerry: Secrets of Use Keys Part I

If you are a new or can be said to be a beginner in using your BlackBerry is certainly less knowledge of how to optimize the use and function - the function of the BlackBerry, we will mainly discuss is about the secret in using and optimizing the use of keys / keypad on the BlackBerry.

Here are tips on using the keypad / BlackBerry button:

* Press the Escape key to exit the screen / app (or to move to the previous page in the browser)
* To move from one application to another, you can use two ways, ie press the Alt key and press the Escape the same time, hold down the Alt key and select the app you want, and then release the Alt key. While the other way is by holding the Menu button (the BlackBerry symbol) will display a few applications that you can choose.
* To return to the Home screen, press the End key (red phone picture is on the right of the keyboard).

Shortcut On You When Calling / Receiving Phone Log:

* Press the Send button (green button) to answer / receive phone calls.
* Press the Send button from any screen when no call came to see the call log / history last call.
* Press the $ (dollar sign) to turn on the speakerphone during a call you make.
* When calling, to remain in the call and return to the main screen, press the Escape key and select OK.

Shortcut On Your Want When Sending Message:

Here's a shortcut you can use when you are / unlock application message:

* Button R to reply to a message.
* Button L to reply to all messages (Reply To All).
* Button F to continue the message (Message Forward).

In a message list:

* Button C to write a message.
* ALT + U key to mark the message is opened / unopened.
* Keys ALT + I to view your inbox.
* ALT + O Button to see out the box.
* ALT key + V to see a list of Voicemail.
* Keys ALT + S to see SMS.
* ALT key + P to see the history of calls / Call Logs.
* Escape button to view all your messages again.
* SHIFT + SPACE key to move to the top of the screen.
* SPACE key to move down the screen gets.
* T button to move to the top of the message.
* Button B to move to the very bottom of the message.
* Keys N to move to the next date.
* P button to move to the previous date
* U button to move to the next unopened message.
* A button to move to the next related message.
* K button to move to the previous related message.

BlackBerry: Download Opera Mini

All internet users especially via mobile cyberspace surfers have known about this one application, Opera Mini. Opera Mini is a web browser for mobile devices that offers speed, Opera Mini uses Opera's servers to compress webpages so they load and display web pages faster. In addition, you also save credit / money (if you are using a data plan) as the cost of data usage every time you open a web page via your mobile device, for a tenth opera compresses the data from the use of the data for other browsers in general.

And your BlackBerry SmartPhone users, you can use Opera Mini browser as well. And will feel lighter and faster when you try to open Facebook, Google, Yahoo and of course you will save user pulse or use your data (if you do not activate the BlackBerry services (BIS))

The following new features Opera Mini:

* Our new interface looks better on your device and gives Opera Mini a sleek, modern appearance.
* Synchronize bookmarks, Speed ​​Dial and more with your computer or other mobile devices via Opera Link.
* Twitter and Facebook support is built in, so you can easily share web content with others.

Differentiate your taste in cyberspace surfing with Opera Mini even with slow connections or less good signal.

Download Opera Mini

Keeping BlackBerry Performance By Keeping Memory Capacity

SmartPhone devices including the Blackberry has limited internal memory capacity, such as the BlackBerry 8707 type only has a capacity of at least 62 MB or BlackBerry Onyx 2 type with a fairly large memory capacity is 512 MB. So if we use memory (for installing apps) spend more than half the memory capacity up to a full course will especially impact the drastic decrease of performance that we use BlackBerry sometimes even appear hourglass or Hang. Well, how much better we keep our device performance by providing more memory space up to the performance of our BlackBerry back as usual.

To see the total memory of the device can be used by pressing alt + aA + H (for some devices like 95xx can by pressing the back button + touch screen on the upper right and left turns, for the type of blackberry 91xx by pressing the volume up take it to appear in the upper left alt key, then type "ACER") and ME HELP menu will appear, scroll down until you see the writing Free Mem and Mem Usage.

Some Ways that you can use to restore the performance of your BlackBerry performance are as follows:

1. Deleting messages (Email, SMS, BBM) which is no longer needed.
2. Removing apps - applications that are not using, such as game applications, themes etc.
3. Perform Clear Log, by pressing Alt + LGLG together and then you press the menu button and select clear log, then a pop up that informs whether we want to clear the log, and then we select delete. After the log delete, the next step is press menu again and select option. The screen changes to display EvenLogger Options, select one of the options below the list, press menu again, and select hide all types and save. This activity will make the BlackBerry we do not record all activity logs that will add to the blackberry internal memory.
4. Memory Cleaner, this application can be found in Options - Security - Advanced Security Settings - Memory Cleaning. To bring this application on the home screen, then choose from the menu and place enable Memory Cleaner Shortcut on Home Screen and do not forget to Save on lock and then unlock. After appearing on the home screen, tap the picture Memory Cleaner, this activity would be to clean up the registry at the blackberry.

How to open a file. RAR on BlackBerry Smartphones

There are so many BlackBerry users are asking how to open a file with the extension. RAR or. Rar, this file is a file compression results are usually produced by processing files such as WinRAR. Open the file. BlackBerry RAR in directly as far as our experience could be done. Here we will give you a few methods you can do
The first way (with the help of Desktop)
WinRar in BlackBerryWinRar on BlackBerry

1. Make sure the file. RAR was downloaded on BlackBerry.
2. Then connect BlackBerry with PC / Desktop you and download files. These RAR
3. Then please unrar file. RAR it and take it back to your BlackBerry.
4. Congratulations sekarnag file. RAR can be enjoyed on your BlackBerry.

Metode2 could also open file2 compression to another, so it is not limited only file2 with the extension. RAR, you can also use it to fole. ZIP,. TAR and the like ...
Second way (without Desktop)

It is the most widely anticipated. You can download unrar Application that you can download it here after the OTA unrar installed please open a tar file. RAR you with this application. Good luck

Currently unrar app has support among many different types of BlackBerry
Blackberry 72XX Series (240 * 160) Devices Models: 7200, 7210, 7230, 7250, 7270, 7280, 7290, 7510, 7520, 6510/Blackberry 71XX Series (240 * 260) Devices Models: 7100, 7110t, 7105t, 7100r, 7100V, 7100g, 7100x, 7100i, 7130e, 7130c, 7130g, 7130v/Blackberry 81xx Series (240 * 260) Pearl Devices Models: 8100, 8110, 8120, 82xx Series 8130/Blackberry (240 × 320) Pearl Flip Devices Models: 8200 , 8220, 8230/Blackberry 8350i (320 * 240) Related Devices Model: 8500, 8520, 83xx 8530/Blackberry Series (320 * 240) Curve Devices Models: 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330 / Blackberry 87xx Series (320 * 240) Devices Models: 8700c, 8700r, 8700f, 8700g, 8703e, 8707, 8707g, 8707v. etc / Blackberry 88xx Series (320 * 240) Devices Models: 8800, 8820, 8830. etc / Blackberry 89XX Curve Series (480 * 360): 8900 (Javelin), 8910 (Atlas) / Blackberry 90xx Bold (Onyx) Series (480 * 320) Devices Models: 9000, 9020 (Onyx) / Blackberry 96XX Tour (Niagara) Series (480 * 360): 9600, 9630, 9650 (Tour2), 9700 (Bold2) / Blackberry 95xx Storm Series (360 * 480): 9500, 9510, 9520, 9530, 9550 (Storm2) / Blackberry Pearl 3G Series (360 * 400) Devices Models: 9100, 9105

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How to Fix a Blackberry Error 734, PPP Control Link Was Terminated

Perhaps you you are going to use your Blackberry device as a modem to access the internet via a computer or a laptop, even though I do not really recommend you to make your BlackBerry as a modem with my personal reason is BlackBerry dear. And if your first time or even repeatedly tried to make your device as a modem BlacBerry always fails with the error message appears "Error 734: PPP Link Control Was Terminated". Well you should know this particular error occurs, due to incorrect data entry error on the "Extra Initialization" in Modem Properties.
Is actually quite easy to solve the problem Blackberry Error 734: PPP Link Control This Was Terminated. Follow this steps:

1. First uninstall BB modem driver in your laptop.
2. Connect your BlackBerry device to a laptop again.
3. Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager.
4. Modem Driver Install back your Blackberry.

Once the drivers are installed and the BlackBerry Desktop Manager window appears, fill in the data on the "Extra Initialization", filled in correctly according the setting of mobile operators you use to log into the Modem Properties - Click on the Advanced Tab Extra Initialization Command input cgdcont = 1, "ip "," indosatgprs ", if you use the operator Indosat, if you use the U.S. or sympathy card," indosatgprs "can be replaced with the Vodacom APN" internet "or" Telkomsel ".

Please try to hopefully useful!

How to receive a gift requests in the BlackBerry App World

We can make a request or demand gifts gift that goes on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) by the time we we're doing or in chat directly from BlackBerry AppWorld. Sometimes the gift requests entered at the time we are in chat, the request must come from our opponents in the BBM chat is usually a request to buy an application on BlackBerry AppWorld.

Here are the steps - steps to be able to buy directly from the application and subscribe to BlackBerry App World:

* A Gift Requests will be accepted in the form of chat on BBM ™ contacts for gifts.
* Open BBM chat and click View to see the demand for Gifts.
* It will then open a query in BlackBerry App World. Note: a. Opening the gift request requires BlackBerry App World 3.1 and higher. If this version is not installed, a prompt to upgrade will be presented. b. If this is the first time to ask for / buy a gift, you will be prompted to connect the application to the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).
* Click Connect to connect the BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry Messenger,
* When prompted, insert the BlackBerry ® ID to verify authentication for purchases requested application will be presented, including the price, length of subscription (if any), description, and application content rating. To complete the purchase of gift, select Accept, and when prompted, enter the BlackBerry ID for authentication to verify the purchase. Then a screen payment details will be presented with the price and method of payment.
* Click the Buy Gifts / Gifts for completing the transaction.
* Screen successful purchase will be presented with a summary of the transaction. An email receipt will be sent to the BlackBerry ID email address of the buyer.
* Click Finish to send a notice to the applicant that the gift purchase is completed.

The process of buying gift / gifts / gift is complete ..! May be useful.!

How to Take Screenshot on Playbook

Tip Taking Pictures on PlayBook screen. Tablet Playbook is RIM, the company behind the screen of a BlackBerry. Although not quite captured the hearts of users in the world but the PlayBook is still quite attractive, especially for fans of the BlackBerry. Operating system developed by QNX purportedly from Alpha Demo BlackBerry 10 BlackBerry 10 will use the core of the PlayBook.
Picture made ​​RIM PlayBook RIM PlayBook

Screenshot on PlayBook is fairly easy, because, like the iPhone or Apple iOS. Operating systems already exist screenshot feature in it. I need to know is how. Here's how to take a screenshot PlayBook.

1. Prepare a display that will be photographed
2. Then press the volume up and down buttons simultaneously until you hear a sound like a camera snap.
3. Completed, you've successfully make skrinshot. Now please see the result in the Pictures folder.

Hopefully useful and see you with tips to use the next Playbook.

BlackBerry Often Restart itself, How to Fix?

We will share tips and how to cope with frequent restarts BlackBerry. Some tips BlackBerry restarts itself frequently and may be useful to your BlackBerry solution. Please note BlackBerry restarts itself often there are several factors and causes and following them.

Because the memory is too small, This can happen because the memory on your BlackBerry BlackBerry is very minimal and you need to clear the memory. Because you do not have time to do maintenance unplug the battery or memory clean. Your BlackBerry becomes unstable and restarts itself. The solution is to monitor sering2lah memory with memory Clean Install Applications or if the need to do regularly to Remove the Battery.

Restart BlackBerry gadgets tiba2 continuous and can not even go to the homescreen; When yet unknowable reasons suddenly restart your BlackBerry constantly, can not go to the homescreen, it's totally dead or commonly called nuked BlackBerry. Nuked BlackBerry's worth a try fix, solution for this case is as follow guide from the following web

Operating System BlackBerry unstable; when this happens there a cause that makes it so there is a possibility as well as your BlackBerry OS is unstable, there is an error or corrupt, it could be because there are applications that conflict. If this happens, practical ways and solutions please Reinstall Operating System BlackBerry or upgrade to the latest version if there is

Tips and Tricks Optimization Using BBM

Tips and Tricks and Guidance Using BBM (BlackBerry Messenger); realized unconsciously, use BlackBerry Messenger is time consuming and very exciting. This time I will share your BlackBerry in order to remain nimble and can still enjoy the BBM.

Here are a variety of different tips that are essential for the blackberry made in the solution to the problem that may have occurred, may be useful. Perhaps you are new to using this BBM, so read our BBM User wrote below. if you just have a Blackberry, and each bit stiff with the name BBM, BBM trick here is special to you.
Tricks and Tips Using a set of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

* How to Add Contacts to BBM; There are several ways to use the unique PIN, you give your PIN to someone or vice versa. Besides PIN you can also add contacts on BBM using the email address connected to your BB, or you also can scan the unique barcode of your Blackberry friends. To be sure never to share your PIN or email addresses to just anyone, let alone to write it on Facebook, Twitter or Friendster. Should only close friends know you wrote the PIN or your email address.
* Tips for BBM Contacts Backup regularly; Just in case if you are a BB time error then backing up BBM contacts on a regular basis is highly recommended as this to avoid unwanted things. Do I go to BBM, press the BlackBerry menu button, find the Contact List section and then "Save a Copy of Your Contact List" you can save on Memory Card or in the RIM servers.
* Be thoughtful and carefully select to join BBM Groups; Joining a group is fun, but be careful because you wrote will receive notification of any activity in the group that can make your Blackberry so slow because it must be kept up to date with the BBM Group. So you should disable the Save or Save Picture Message History of the Groups.
* Wisdom with BBM Broadcast Message; Should avoid the use of BBM Broadcast Messages can be excessive because BBM friends we are not comfortable in that stuff.
* Non Auto Activate some features in BBM; Members BBM If you know there are many who have not been directly, you should also disable the Auto-accept voice notes and you should accept file transfers from people you know, do not get careless just received a file of other people you do not know.
* Deleting User PIN on the Blackberry Bold; A question why we should remove the Blackberry PIN? If you intend to sell your BB, then remove the BB PIN will be very useful, because if you have not removed the Blackberry PIN then later the new Blackberry owners will receive all messages addressed to you (according to your PIN number). The best way to remove the Blackberry PIN is to disable or unlink your PIN, to make it all the way quite easily contact the operator where you subscribe to Blackberry and ask them to me remove / delete or unregister your PIN from BIS accounts you have. Easy enough right?
* How to Prevent BBM forwarded to E-mail Message: When you use BBM or Blackberry Messenger, the main problem often faced is the BBM we have automatically forwards the message to the email listed in the BBM. To stop the forwarding process, a step that you must do is menstop auto-forwarding on BBM. At the entrance of BBM into the Options menu> Show Conversations in Message List = NO.
* How Close Troubleshooting on BBM; When buying a Blackberry second, a problem that often arises is when you run a BBM, often silly nickname or alias does not match the data we have. The nickname issue could arise because Blackberry was not previously in the Second Wipe Handheld so that the data from the previous user is still stored on the Blackberry. To overcome this problem the first verify info Name (My Info) is in conformity with username, go to Applications BBM> press menu and then select the Edit My Info then enter the Username. Contact for issues with BBM or Blackberry Messenger, the best solution is to remove the old first contact then Add again either using email or BlackBerry PIN your friends.

It is a few tips on the use of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and we will provide this information on a regular basis and hopefully more useful. Greetings Free Greeting BlackBerry

Selasa, 06 Agustus 2013

How to Send a Note to BBM Voices

Not everyone knows that in fact there is a facility in BlackBerry Messenger voices note or voice message, so the origin of Canada's smart phone users can send voice messages (note voices) for free. Voices notes is a message in the form of voice, not the voices chat. Voices voices chat different note, the difference is that messages can be listened to voices note anytime while the message is still stored in the BBM chat.

And we can immediately reply BBM voices note that entry without having to get out of the BBM.
To send a note voices in the BBM is easy. Next step - step to transmit voice messages on BBM:

1. Open BBM on your SmartPhone.
2. Select the contact you want to send a voice message.
3. Press the menu button (BlackBerry logo).
4. Scroll down and click on the Send / Submit, and then you select the sub menu Voices Note / Voice Mail.
5. Start voice recording, you can record sound to your desired length,
6. Press the Send / Send, to send a Note Voices / Voice Mail that you created.
7. Completed.

It's easy is not it?, And we can send Voices Note to duration 1 minute, and if you want to send a long voice message, you can send them over and over - again.

Application To Watch Television On Blackberry SmartPhone

You often travel far to use public transport. Sometimes we feel cranky and bored when traveling far. And especially if the vehicles we ride facilities are not equipped TV or Video. And it is unlikely we turn on the laptop while on public transport and maybe one - only thing we can do is play HP, whether just playing games, reading again the incoming SMS or Email, Chat, Facebook's, Twitter's and or fuel-'s. One more possible solution I offer to you is to watch the show television along the way. And to do it all there are some apps that can help you relieve your stress while traveling.

television first application we will introduce is Bitbop. television application can run properly on the Blackberry Bold 9000, Bold 9650, Bold 9700, Blackberry Tour and Blackberry Curve 8900. You can get this Bitbop application directly from Blackberry appworld from your BlackBerry device. This app gives you the opportunity to enjoy the service free for 7 days television . television second application is Mobile TV Application Center, the applications in by Makayama. Advantages of this application is that you can record your impressions are allows you to enjoy and play it again next time. You can get this application on BlackBerry AppWorld.

Get Caller Identity Finder Application - Free For BlackBerry

You are often confused by the caller or the caller dark you do not know his identity? If you have experienced a little discomfort because the phone kept ringing and you do not know who's calling, then you try to install the application No 1 Caller Look Up is on your BlackBerry device. No 1 Caller Look Up is currently the best application you can use to find out who is calling you even if the caller is not in the contact list on your BlackBerry.

And not just to find the identity of the caller, the No. 1 Caller Look Up also allows you to synchronize your phone book and it will automatically display the Facebook profile photo if the caller has a facebook account and you enter in the identity of the caller. And not just looking for call identity, this app also allows you to block calls from phone numbers that you want, and once you will automatically send a message to your mail voices.

The application is available for free in BlackBerry AppWorld, and walked almost all types of BlackBerry, with a minimum required OS BB OS is version 4.5.0.

Download Pacemaker, DJ Applications for BlackBerry Playbook

You a DJ? or would like to become a DJ?, presumably this application can assist you in the process of becoming a DJ or further enhance the quality of all DJ's you, only armed with a small device in your hand, that your BlackBerry Playbook today. With the application named Pacemaker you can do the job like a DJ like mixing, sync and scratch digital music on the BlackBerry PlayBook. And it does not stop there, you can also apply sound effects, loops and effects - other effects to enrich the mix of music you are.

With Pacemaker for BlackBerry PlayBook app you feel like being a DJ with experience. And it would not hurt if you try this application on your BlackBerry PlayBook, if you really intend to become a DJ, because you do not have to purchase any expensive DJ at a price beforehand, because you just simply pay $ 19.99 or Pacemaker Lite for $ 4 , 99 to buy this app before you really - really plunge into the world of DJ.

You can download this application on BlackBerry AppWorld.

Pacemaker version or Lite version.

Knowing how to BlackBerry Damaged or Locked

BlackBerry SmartPhone for some people is still a new gadget, therefore sometimes differ in performance compared with the current purchase, the BlackBerry is considered defective or problematic, but smart mobile phone or Smartphone is not the same as regular cell phone, which we first knew. Many problems can be found in smart phones, such as the appearance of an hourglass, not in charge, can not install the application, can not send SMS or e-mail and more problems - problems that can be found in SmartPhone. Moreover, if we want to buy a BlackBerry SmartPhone alone when we do not understand and know at all about the BlackBerry.

Sometimes the problem we encountered was that our new BlackBerry SmartPhone purchase could not be used, due to the lack of signal. Well this is not due to problems such as the BlackBerry is broken or problematic. Because of the possibility that we buy a BlackBerry BlackBery still locked. Well here we need to make sure if we wanted to buy a BlackBerry, both new and second (second-hand). BlackBerry is Locked or Unlocked?. BlackBerry BlackBerry Locked means that they can only be used for certain operators, so if we use the card provider / mobile operator other BlackBerry certainly can not be used, while an Unlocked BlackBerry BlackBerry that can be used for any mobile operator alone, but of course we need to consider the BlackBerry also use GSM or CDMA technology.

Actually we can check own BlackBerry that we will buy a BlackBerry Locked or Unlocked especially for Blackberry Second, however, for the new BlackBerry selling should we ask directly, because we can not open the packaging which is still under seal. Here's how to find out the Blackberry Locked or Unlocked. For BlackBerry with OS 5, we come to Options - Advanced Options - SIM Card and typing MEPD, and for BlackBerry OS 6, we can find out by going to Options - Device - Advanced System Settings - SIM Card and typing MEPD, then if it appears data - the data is as follows:

* SIM Disabled
* Network Inactive / Disabled
* Network Subset Disabled
* Service Provider Disabled
* Corporate Disabled

This indicates that the BlackBerry is an Unlocked BlackBerry that we can use for any mobile operator

Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

How to Back Up a BlackBerry smartphone with BlackBerry Desktop Manager

If you're a BlackBerry smartphone user or BlackBerry Playbook, and you include a person who likes to knock down or try to - try the application on the BlackBerry smartphone and the BlackBerry device Playbook (Tablet), then you should regularly back up your BlackBerry. Actually, if you are trying to install and then uninstall the application on your device, it will be a lot of bugs that is the rest - the rest you uninstall files on your device memory.

And if you are using a BlackBerry device additional memory (sd card memory) then you should enable it. Here are the steps - steps to back up your BlackBerry device:

Connect your device or BlackBerry ® PlayBook Smartphone to a computer or notebook.
Run the BlackBerry Desktop Manager or let
In the BlackBerry ® Desktop Software, click Device> Back up.
Perform one of the following:
To back up all data tablet or smartphone data, click All / Full.
To back up all your smartphone data except for email messages, click Quick / Quick.
To select the type of data or data to back smartphone tablet, click Custom. then you CENTAK / click on the check box next to the data you want to Back Up.
If your smartphone is equipped with the storage media and you want to make a Back Up / Backup data stored there, select the Files saved on the built-in media storage box.
And you can do one of the following:
To change the default name for the backup file, in the File name field, type a new name.
To encrypt your data, select / check the Encrypt backup file box, then you type the password you want.
To save your settings so you are not required to set this option again when you return a smartphone or tablet, then you tick / click on the "Do not ask this again setting".
Then click Back up to begin to back up your device.

Solution if the BlackBerry Wet Or Fall to In Water

If the post - the previous post we discuss about BlackBerry with a number of issues - issues stemming from internal factors BlackBerry itself, well in this post we will discuss BlackBerry device damage caused by factors - external factors or negligence of the wearer, such as fall or to Dip into the water, so it will certainly make our Blackberry devices or even fatal error because it can not be used anymore due to wrong treatment after the mistake we did. This time we will discuss how to resolve the correct BlackBerry device after we drop / hit the water.

Sometimes we worry too rash or broken, after the BlackBerry we fall / hit we just turn on the water to make sure we are not troubled BlackBerry devices. Yet how do we do that is wrong, because powering electronic devices including BlackBerry in wet conditions can lead to "short circuit or Short Circuit" which caused the water that could mengatarkan electric current.

Here's the correct way to address electronic devices including BlackBerry devices after a dropped or exposed to water:

Turn off your BlackBerry device if it is still on.
Open Close battere.
Remove battere, SIM Card and Memory Card.
Dry the BlackBerry you how to shake - shake, Fans, Hair Dryer (LOW heat position), or you can leave them for a while, until you can be sure the water is dry. Or you can put your BlackBerry into rice, because it has a charm and absorption of water.
Replace the battere, SIM Card and Memory Card.
Restart your BlackBerry device.

BlackBerry Tips: How to Fix Error 602 and 603

BlackBerry SmartPhone error could have occurred on your BlackBerry device, but you do not need to worry and fear because while the error is only related to both software and BlackBerry OS BlackBerry applications. And the new - the new is a common error that afflict Canadian SmartPhone devices, namely error 602 and error 603, which happens to users who recently updated BBM app nyaa to version 6.

Before we discuss how to solve this error 602 and 603, would be much better if we first understand and know the meaning of the error. Error 602 and 603 is an error message indicating that an error has occurred in the Java application on the device we are, and usually the solution is to do a hard reset will solve the problem, but if it is still problematic then the BlackBerry you should Wipe and Reload OS (install the OS). And the cause of this error is usually when you sign in to the application that is integrated with the BBM, the application automatically updates mem_verifikasi for BBID (for users who have not updated BBID) BBID when the update process is complete, you do not immediately restart your BlackBerry has updated its BBID .

Here's Tips on Saving Your BlackBerry Error 602 & 603 without having to reinstall the OS:

Ensure Reader System Tools that are on BBSAK Blackberry, Vnbbutils, BB BOSS, or tool that you normally use, already installed on your computer or laptop.
BB dg connect your computer / laptop via USB and make sure it is connected.
Press the "reset" on your BlackBerry home screen is.
when the restart process is complete, your BlackBerry will go to the home screen, then immediately you press the "Read System" in the Reader Tool System Blackberry. (on BBSAK, Vnbbutils, ect).
If you succeeded in performing the above steps, then the column will appear on the Tool reader all the files in your BlackBerry system, then hold down the "Ctrl" on your computer / laptop and then you find the file-net_rim_bbid_api,-net_rim_bbid_common, and all-net_rim_bbid_daemon COD file that is integrated with BBM app you have installed. And usually the name of the files, according to the name of the application.
Then after all the application files are found and marked, select the "Remove" or "Delete selctected files". Then the device will restart automatically and you survived BB error 602/603, and not have to reinstall the os, as well as your current data can be saved.

How to Back Up Contacts BlackBerry Messenger (BBM)

You often mutually - replace BlackBerry or are going to update your BlackBerry OS? if you are going to do it, you would need to back - up your BBM contacts first, before you will lose all contact BBM friends, colleagues or family. And after you are done backing up your BBM contact if you have a moment to update your BlackBerry or replace with a new one you will stay connected with your BBM contacts after having restored earlier.

Here's how to back up your BBM contacts:

Open / Run your BBM.
Press the menu / BlackBerry logo button on your device.
Select / Click the Options menu.
Scroll down to the Backup Management menu, then click Back Up.
Back-up window will appear with two (2) preferred method of backing up your BBM contacts.
Back up files remotely: If you select this option means that backing up your BBM contacts will be sent to the email integrated with your BBM (Push Email), so this option you can choose if you enable packet BlackBerry (BIS) which supports push email.
Back up files locally: if you select this option means the file results back up your BBM contacts will be stored in your BlackBerry memory (either internal memory or sd memory card)

Download Blackberry Application to find a lawyer in the whole world

Perhaps this application is less useful for some people, but there is no harm if we try to share the information with respect to the legal process in the entire world. This application is an application that memebrikan some information about the law and lawyers across the continent. Multilaw application is called with a network of leading independent law firm in the world and mengangni issues - legal issues globally. The company was founded in 1990 which is an alliance of carefully selected independent and try to provide assistance - legal assistance to their clients. Until now Multilaw has covered more than 7000 lawyers in more than 150 commercial centers throughout the world.

Here are the features of this Multilaw application:

You get, look for and find the right lawyer for your needs in more than 60 countries.
You can see details of lawyers and law firms.
Dpat contact your attorney directly through the contacts that have been provided.
You can see the office of attorney by using the Zoom facility with Bing Maps.
You can directly add contacts to Outlook or contacts Multilaw your smartphone.

And Mulitlaw ensure that lawyers - lawyers who are members of multilaw a lawyer - a lawyer who has a high dedication and experience handling the case - the case law of multinational corporations and legal cases invidivdu.

Minggu, 04 Agustus 2013

Tips for Blackberry Not Slow

Has gadgets like blackberry it is not just only have it without paying attention to other things that make the performance of BB increasingly aka slow decline. So BB also need attention or care that activities such as BBM chat, status updates on social networks, ym chat, browsing, email, and other activities are not hampered just because you BB slow.

For blackberry users, we must understand that the smart gadget (smartphone) also has limitations, especially in terms of memory. Most annoying if BBM chat is cool to suddenly appear hourglass BB being slow. For that we need to maintain the performance of blackberry that we got, need some tips for blackberry is not slow.

Here are some Tips for Blackberry Not Slow that can improve the performance of your BB and BB certainly made durable.

1. Not too much to install apps from blackberry app world. Install applications of essential importance only and remove (delete) unused applications. If you like to use a theme, the theme is casual wear and not heavy.

2. Try to limit the BBM group, the group is necessary. I while many group chat on BBM, BB became very slow. So get out of the group that you think is not important, because the group is the largest contributor to BBM garbage that makes us be slow BB.

3. Diligent rajinlah did clear a log that can be done by pressing Alt + LG + LG> BlackBerry Menu> Clear Log.

4. Store photos, songs, videos and others should be stored into an external memory or media card. You do this by going into your BlackBerry Menu> Options> Memory> Media Card Support switch to ON.

5. If you're browsing through BB maniac, rajinlah delete a cache memory in your browser by going into your BlackBerry Menu> Browser> Options> Cache Operations> clear history.

6. Clean up memory by going into your BlackBerry Menu> Options> Security Options> Memory Cleaning> Change status to ENABLE position> BB Menu> Clean Now.

7. Remove unnecessary emails.

8. When slow, if you use the BB keyboard simultaneously press the right Alt key - Caps / aA button (right side near the sym key) - del button - finish.

Those are some Tips For Blackberry Not Slow that might be a solution for you that weighting is often slow. Thank you.

How to Restore Original Setting BlackBerry (factory settings)

Many questions arise about what to do if your BlackBerry arrived often appear slow or hourglass if you are want to open a particular application. And on the last post we described you do the cleaning log files (memory cleaning) or discard the various applications that are not using anymore. Well if the step - a step that turns your BlackBerry still troubled with hourglass aka slow, then there is no other moment longer than you have to restore your settings to the initial settings Blakcberry (Factory Settings), which is the original setting as when you buy a new BlackBerry the.

There are two (2) ways that you can choose to restore your BlackBerry device to the original settings (FactorySettings), that is by Soft Reset and Hard Reset.

Here's how to perform a Soft Reset and Hard Reset on the BlackBerry device and what are the differences and the impact of both:
  • SOFT RESET: Perform a reset on the BlackBerry device by turning off the BlackBerry and then unplug the battere BlackBerry, and silence about 3-5 seconds before you plug it back battere, or you can do by pressing the ALT / CAP / DEL on the keyboard BalackBerry you (LEFT ALT (Numkey) RIGHT aA (Capkey) DEL) simultaneously. And this step will not delete contacts, applications and data on your BlackBerry.
  • HARD RESET: Doing resetting your BlackBerry to the initial setting (Factory Settings) menu by going to Options -> Security Options -> Security Wipe -> Wipe Handled. And after you do the reset in this way then all the contacts and applications on your BlackBerry will be lost, therefore there should be prior to backup both contacts and applications on the BlackBerry device.

This will only delete the customer data and the NOT program or OS. This will restore your blackberry device to factory settings

Download the latest Slide2Open application for BlackBerry SmartPhone

You often bring and use your BlackBerry SmartPhone with no gloves / original wallet when you buy it, it looks like you need an application we discuss, namely the application to lock your BlackBerry SmartPhone. Although existing native applications innate BlackBerry SmartPhone that are usually found on the Home Screen or if you have a BlackBerry smartphone with a touch screen design, then usually there is a button to lock your BlackBerry SmartPhone. But the application is likely to be easier and more simple to lock your BlackBerry SmartPhone. With Slide2Open applications, easier in the lock, just by sliding on your BlackBerry screen.

This application is specific to the BlackBerry with a touch screen. Try to imagine if you do not lock your BlackBerry smartphone, you can only run certain applications. Or worse, you accidentally dial certain numbers, your credit will certainly be reduced without you realizing it. Slide2Open not prevent you from accidentally actions, and also can save battery use your BlackBerry device. And the uniqueness of this application is you can select or set its Background Picture with the image that you like when your BlackBerry is locked.

Download here

Tips: How Fast Operate Commands Popular On BlackBerry

Here are simple tips, but we believe these tips are commands that you often do on your BlackBerry device, either in the application or operate in typing SMS, chat or email. Here are tips from us:

Backlighting: You can turn on the light by pressing the home scree Power (Power).
Switch to another program: Hold down the Alt key and press the Escape key. Continue to press the Alt key and select a program. Release the Alt key to switch to the program.
  • Out of the screen or dialog box: Press the Escape key.
  • Insert point: Press the Space key twice. The next letter will be capitalized.
  • Inserting a snail sign (@) and a point in the Email box: Press the Space key.
  • Typing accented or special character: Hold the letter key and roll the trackball / trackwheel.
  • Making large letters: Hold the letter key until the capitalized appears.
  • Move the cursor to a different direction: Hold down the Alt key and roll the trackball / trackwheel.
  • Change field options: Hold the Alt key. Click a value.
  • Switching to an item in a list or menu: Press the first letter of the element.
  • Select the check box: Press the Space key. To cancel the checked box, press the Space key again.
  • Selecting a line of text: Hold down the Shift key and roll the trackball / trackwheel.
  • Sliding the screen to the bottom: Press the Space key.
  • Sliding the screen to the top: Press the Shift key Space key.

10 Social Media Best Apps For BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 operating system it manages to present different things to its users, particularly in terms of applications. Applications are available in the BlackBerry 10 is now more dynamic tread and no longer stiff as applications contained in previous BlackBerry opersi system. This time I will give you 10 applications for BlackBerry that you can use on your BlackBerry device 10. What are the applications? Consider the following review.

Trapeez - $ 1.99

Trapeez app for BlackBerry is used to edit a Tumblr blog. With this application you can make a quick and short post on your Tumblr blog, post to social networks to spread, insert images, links, and so on. This application you can download here.

IM + Pro - $ 4.99

IM + Pro is one of the short messaging application for BlackBerry 10, which could be used by users to log in to different networks simultaneously. The application supports a variety of popular social media such as Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk, Facebook, ICQ, VMig33, Kontakte, and others. You can download the application here.

Keek - Free

Keek is a video-based social media applications where users can insert short video directly from your BlackBerry device 10 and commented to each other. There are many videos that you can enjoy on this application. of course this app also connects with Facebook and Twitter. This application you can download for free here.

Badoo - Free

Badoo is a location-based dating app where users can view a list of users around the house ready for a date. This application also has facilities inbox, friends request, and so on. This application can be downloaded here.

Buffer - Free

This application berfugsi to send or post status updates to various social networks as scheduled. Through a web interface that it has, this app you can set the time to do a post or let the system set the most appropriate time. Sadly this app is still a portingan of Android, so there are some features missing. You can download the application here.

WhatsApp - Free

WhatsApp is well known as short messaging applications cross platform and is now the present application for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Like the similar applications, WhatsApp has standard features that text messaging, picture, sound, and video can also be equipped with funny emoticons. Interestingly again, like the BlackBerry Messenger, WhatsApp users can also be incorporated in a group. This application you can download here.

Untappd - Free

Untappd is a great application for beer enthusiasts, where the BlackBerry app is able to provide its 10 references that provide caffee bar or beer. You can also check-in on these sites and pass it to your colleagues. You can download the application here.

Feather Duster - Free

Application is arguably more like social media applications toy than a tool of social media. In this application the user can specify a keyword and see how popular the keyword is on Twitter. You also can see the Tweet-tweet people using those keywords. The application is to be a unique tool to observe trending topic on Twitter. This application can be downloaded here.

Diode - Free

Diode is a great application for you who often play around with Reddit. Sadly this app is still a porting of Android apps so there are some missing features like the ability to post from the menu. But beyond these missing features, you can still view posts subreddit, comment, upvote, downvote, and send private messages to redditor. You can download the application here.

Neatly - $ 2.99

Neatly is one of the first third-party application support Twitter for BlackBerry 10. Although some of the core features of the official Twitter app is not available, but Neatly offers a range of attractive features as his successor, as the calculation of rating between you and other users on the basis of the same interests, so you can decide who you want to follow. This application also features the Smart Lists where you can sort your Twitter timeline based list certain people only. Neatly this application you can download here.

That's 10 social media application that you can use padaa device that already supports the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Actually there are many other social media applications that can be found because every day there are always new and emerging applications in the BlackBerry 10 operating system. Good luck!

Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

How To Fix Blackberry App "Error 523"

We will discuss about BlackBerry App "Error 523". BlackBerry App Error 523 occurs if there are applications that you have installed is not compatible with the type of BlackBerry OS and you, therefore, before you install the application on your BlackBerry device, verify that if you install the application to be installed on suitable to the type of BlackBerry you have and also important is whether the application can also work well on your BlackBerry OS.

The following solution if you have a BlackBerry device "Error 523":

1. Do a Hard Reboot with opening your BlackBerry Battery for about 30 seconds.
2. Then reinstall your BlackBerry batteries.
3. When the BlackBerry is doing a reboot (Sand Jam indicator), you can simply connect your BlackBerry device to your notebook / PC.
4. Then open the Application Loader in the Notebook / PC.
5. Dispose / remove the last application you installed that caused the error your BlackBerry.
6. If finished off the connection / cable BlackBerry from Notebook / PC.
7. If necessary reboot again by removing battere as a first step, but once installed battery let you reboot your BlackBerry device to your BlackBerry Home Screen appears.
8. Completed.

Download Application Profile Assist - Modifiers Application Profile

One more powerful applications present for your favorite SmartPhone devices, BlackBerry. Actually Assis application profile has a function similar to a feature in the BlackBerry sound profile, but this one application completely - really powerful, as if the sound profile BlackBerry's native only to change the sound settings such as Call, SMS, FB, email, and notification - notification other, then Assist Profiles do more than that, such as changing the connection settings Wifi, GPS, Data.

And more than that too Profile Assist, you can set based on your location, by time (hours), based on the condition battery, or based on a Wifi connection. And every condition you can set all things associated with the setting on your BlackBerry like, Ringtone for Call, SMS, Social Alert Network, or network settings (internet connection) for each - one condition arrangements that you created. Plus the features based on time / hour, now you no longer need to turn off or turn on one profile to the profile because you're used to sleeping all day and want to turn off the ringtone so you have to activate the silent feature, with this app you no longer need to do so, because This app will automatically activate a profile setting that you created based on the time / hour.

Here Feature Profile Assist:

* Changing profile when in a locked condition / sheathing for OS 7.1 or more.
* Event / time priority.
* Can be made as desired profile.
* Can set profiles according to Jadwa show ends, if you want to follow a particular event.
* Reminder to repeat profiles.
* You can disable or enable the activity for a certain period.
* Checking the interval.
* You can enable / disable Location Checks.

However, this application is currently valued at just $ 1.99 and you can check out and download the BlackBerry AppWorld

Download Profile Assist

Download Time Tracker Application: Application Recorder Duration Time

You need to record every activity on your smartphone such as how long you call, or how many SMS are sent or you can record the duration of each activity that you do. Now available applications that can meet your needs. Time Tracker application Celcob fib is a simple application which you can use to track and record the time of each activity undertaken with your BlackBerry smartphone. This application can help you measure the time spent in the task - your professional tasks that you routinely do as Call, Email, SMS, Meetings, etc. And also you can allocate time for activities - such activities.

This application is simple yet stunning and easy to use and is ideal to have if you are a consultant, attorney, accountant, vendors or anyone who needs to track time, costs, productivity or efficiency. And the advantages of this application is all the information that you are doing you can review the detail report through the Excel file that you can request through the application and send it to your email, or you can view a summary of every activity that you do BalckBerry directly on your device.

The following Time Tracker Application Features:

* You can keep track of calls, emails, sms automatically.
* You can keep track of every time - every activity that you do.
* You can allocate time for specific activities.
* You can see the details of the activities in the form of an Excel file that is sent directly to your email.
* You can view a summary of the report directly on your BlackBerry device.

All activities of your registration can be checked from your smartphone or personal account on our site www.celcob.com Web.

Download Application here.

Secret Keys BlackBerry Curve Series

Blackberry Curve series is probably one of the Blackberry series are widely used in Indonesia. Well maybe you are the person who just bought this series or have used it a long time, but not much you can do. There are some tips that may be useful for you because it is often used, such as restarting your BlackBerry device when you just install an application or clear log to clear memory from the junk files that are no longer used and cause your BlackBerry device feels slow and often appear hourglass (loading).

The following simple but useful tips for you to apply in your BlackBerry Curve:

1. Switching Applications. Just like on a computer, you can move from one application to another with ease, but if on the computer using the ALT + TAB key combination, the BlackBerry Curve series is you can use the key combination ALT + ESC
2. To restart the device without unplugging batteries. Usually you will need to restart your BlackBerry device immediately after installing a new application or if your BlackBerry suddenly hangs, and for that you have to pull out our BlackBerry batteries. But if you use a BlackBerry Curve series, you do not need to unplug your device batteries, because you can use the key combination ALT + RIGHT SHIFT + DELETE your BlackBerry device to restart.
3. Memory Cleaning. We often run applications and switch applications without closing / terminate the application that we are open, so often our BlackBerry become slow and slow to arrive - arrived hangs. And in fact we can see the currently active application by accessing the event log, come up with the home screen, then press the ALT key and then type 'LGLG', the event log will soon appear. And you can leave your device memory in a fast way is by pressing the HOME and select 'Clear Log'.

Wondered if the above tips right - right down the street, it would not hurt if you directly apply on your BlackBerry Curve, congratulations Tried ..!

Download Latest BlackBerry OS for Blackberry Torch 9810

If you are one of the BlackBerry Torch 9810 users, you may need to read our post this time, yes because this is our post for you owners and users of the BlackBerry Torch 9810 or for those of you who received a BlackBerry device sevices. Because the Latest Firmware now available specifically for Blackberry Torch 9810 SmartPhone from operator Vivo. So if you want to always update your BlackBerry OS, you can download the latest OS. But do not forget before you update your BlackBerry OS should we advise you to back-up your current BlackBerry system so that when an error occurs you can restored them back.
Here are the steps - steps to update your OS BlackBerry Torch:

1. Download Firmware OS, click here to download.
2. And as usual, once you downloading the firmware to the latest BlackBerry Torch 9810's, then you install on your PC / Laptop.
3. And after you have installed it successfully, then you delete the file vendor.xml
4. Connect the BlackBerry Torch device to your PC / Notebook using data cable
5. And then run the Loader.exe file in the C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader and run loader.exe.
6. Start updating your BlackBerry OS.
7. Wait for it to finish, during the update process let your BlackBerry device, until the process is complete

Jumat, 02 Agustus 2013

Tips on Caring for and Maintaining Performance Battery BlackBerry OS 6.0

Caring for BlackBerry is actually easy, just takes patience and a little touch of the owner, then the question arises why should we care or really complicated so not like regular cell phones?, Or should we take care of their own BlackBerry devices that we have? the answer is yes, we need to take care or maintenance, the BlackBerry device as a PC, all kinds of Cell Phone SmartPhone require care to maintain the performance and performance, because each of us to open an application on your BlackBerry device then it will be safe "EVENT LOG" in memory so that if we did not perform a clear log when the BlackBerry device memory is full and we would cause the BlackBerry to be slow.

Following Tips About Caring for and Maintaining Performance Battery BlackBerry devices with OS 6.0:

* Perform "Clear Log" by pressing the ALT key and LGLG (ALT LGLG) regularly to clean up files - LOG file.
* Perform Host Routing Table, by selecting Options,> device> Advanced system settings> select Host Routing Table, then press the menu button (BB logo) and select Register Now.
* Restart your BlackBerry device by pressing ALT DEL aA (simultaneously) or by disconnecting the batteries.
* Get used to clean the History and Cache after browsing or using Facebook and Twitter.
* Get used to refresh so that the performance of the BlackBerry back to normal by pressing a combination of keys ALT DEL CAPS.
* Perform Cleaning Memory by going to the Options menu> select Security> select Advanced Security Options> Memory Cleaning and select Enable to enable it.
* Turn off the BlackBerry device if you want to sleep or can be done automatically through the Auto On / Off. Options> device> auto on / off and> checklist enabled and then set the clock to your liking.

Blackberry Tips: Easy ways to restore BBM Missing Apps

BlackBerry Messenger or more popularly the term BBM is a feature you are the SmartPhone BlackBerry and can only meet in the SmartPhone BlackBerry, although now there are apps What's Up Messenger is an application similar to BBM and runs on all OS SmartPhone (BlackBerry, iPhone, Android and regular cell phones). But surely the two applications each - each have advantages and disadvantages. Well talking about the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), RIM (Research In Motions) as manufacturers often release updated versions of BBM, which sometimes presents itself when we run the BBM application, and to keep up to date and features - new features of this fuel, we should always update BBM installed on BlackBerry devices that we have.

The update process is indeed a solution to keep up to date an application, but sometimes it cause problems such as loss of BBM icon after the update process. And that often happens also when we move / replace the mobile operators sometimes some apps like BBM no longer appear on our BlackBerry devices. And for that we do not need to rush - rush brings us to the BlackBerry service or to the store where we bought it, try some of our tips on How to Restore the missing fuel applications well after the update or after we moved the mobile operators, the following tips from us:

1. Download BBM on the BlackBerry application again Apprworld, click here ..!
2. Follow the download and install process re-fuel on your BlackBerry device
3. Restart your BlackBerry device.
4. Check fuel in Instant Messenger.

Setting BlackBerry Curve 9380 Wifi in Orlando

Surf by using Wifi connection is clearly more stable when compared to using using using gprs connection, especially if you do the update via BlackBerry. But not everyone knows how to turn on and connect your BlackBerry device to the network via wifi hotspot on the BlackBerry device, especially if you just bought a BlackBerry device with a new type like the BlackBerry Curve 9380 or known as the BlackBerry Orlando. Orlando BlackBerry device connects to the internet with wifi is actually no different from ordinary BlackBerry devices or by using your Notebook.

Here's How to connect your BlackBerry Orlando to Internet using Wifi:

1. Sign in to Manage Connections menu, Internet Connections.
2. Click / checklist on the menu Wifi On.
3. In the options make sure your wifi settings on the DHCP settings, to obtain an IP address automatically, or if you know a specific range of IP on the Hotspot you can select Static IP and then enter for your BlackBerry Orlando.
4. Click Next so that your BlackBerry Wifi perform Scanning and find hotspot network available / in reach.
5. Choose one of the hotspots are available according to your choice, or if you are in the area / public area with a hotspot connection is more than one who does not choose hostpot protectionism is usually marked with a padlock open / unsecured or if you choose a password for the hotspot in the key you can select the hotspot.
6. Click on a hotspot that you select, and click Connect, if the Hotspot in protectionism, type the password for the hotspot.
7. If you are connected / Connected, you can open the browser on your BlackBerry device to your BlackBerry network already connected to the internet.
8. completed

BlackBerry Problem: How to Fix Error Reload Software: 552

Did not dismiss the possibility if the time - when certain BlackBerry devices that you use to arrive - arriving experiencing frequent error 552 or notification that you're Blackberry error information with "Reload Software 552". You do not need to be confused or afraid if your BlackBerry damaged. Error 552 occurs on a Blackberry SmartPhone error caused due to third-party applications that are not compatible with your BlackBerry or type of the application file is the installation file is corrupt (incomplete).

To overcome the error there are a few steps you need to do. The following steps - steps to resolve Error Reload Software: 552 on BlackBerry SmartPhone:

1. Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer (we recommend using a laptop over).
2. JL_Cmder download and install the application, the application will be used to wipe (erase all the data on the system and your BlackBerry device), if it lets you back up all your contacts on your computer first.
3. Download and install the BlackBerry OS that matches the type of your BlackBerry device.
4. After the OS install complete, please go to c: \ program files \ common files \ research in motion \ apploader, and then you find vendor.xml file, delete the file.
5. Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer using a USB cable (make sure the Blackberry Desktop Manager is closed, the alias is not in active state), then you loose your Blackberry Battery.
6. Run JL_Cmder application that you install, wait for the application to connect to your BlackBerry (emerging identity and type your BlackBerry PIN).
7. Begin the process to vacate Wipe / format your Blackberry device.
8. After completion of your BlackBerry device will restart by itself and then appeared White Screen with error message 507.
9. Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager application and select Application Loader.
10. Begin to install the Operating System your BlackBerry device by following the steps that are required.
11. Your BlackBerry device will reboot again and will take about 15-30 minutes for the first boot process.
12. If the installation has been completed, replace the battery and remove the Blackberry from Computer pernagkat

Usability and function of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager

From the beginning we often discuss the Blackberry desktop manager. Maybe some of the readers not understand fully what the heck BlackBerry Desktop Manager? and what we can do with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, in short usability and function?. Well we will explain a little about the BlackBerry Desktop Manager. BlackBerry Desktop Manager is an application that will bridge between BlackBerry devices that we have with computer / notebook which we have anyway (meaning he does not belong to someone else. He ... he ...). The short description is probably this application has a function similar to the Nokia PC Suite for mobile phones that uses Nokia or Motorola Phone Tools for Motorola etc. mobile users. However, if the application on the Nokia PC Suite has the function of just about copy - paste or sync data as well as applications running modem, another to the BlackBerry Desktop Manager that has a more complete functionality.

Here Usefulness BlackBerry Desktop Manager:

1. As an application for synchronization between a BlackBerry device with Computer / Notebook (Data, Contacts, Calendar and Media).
2. As an application for the transfer of data (music, videos, etc.) from Computer to a BlackBerry device or vice versa.
3. As an application to Back Up and Restore Data and BlackBerry OS.
4. As an application to add applications on BlackBerry devices.
5. As an application to update the BlackBerry OS.
6. As a medium to be as a modem and connect to the internet via a computer.

Similarly, descriptions and usability of our BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Sync BlackBerry Smartphone Into a Computer With BlackBerry Desktop Manager

A few days ago there was a playmate to my house and he asked for some songs - new songs from mp3 collection on my notebook. And after I requested the flash of her, uh ... it turns out he pulled out a BlackBerry smartphone and then turn it off and unplug the sd memory, then given to me for in copy some mp3 files in question, with a smile and then I explain that there is need to turn off his BlackBerry and issued sd card memory to me, because in my notebook already installed BlackBerry desktop Manager, so I can easily copy / sync data.

Well loyal readers companions, based on the incident then we think it is necessary to clarify some one of the functions of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, the synchronization of data whether it be contacts, songs - songs (mp3/music), videos, ringtones, and data - the data among other computer / notebook with BlackBerry SmartPhone easily without the need to turn off the BlackBerry device and remove sd-memory. So you do not need to shut down and restart your BlackBerry device. If you still do not have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager you can download it here.

How to Avoid the BlackBerry PlayBook Not So Fast Heat

For those BlackBerry PlayBook users, have you had where you got the BlackBerry Playbook - got warmed up when you remove it in your bag or even when you are not using?, Not dismiss the possibility of SmartPhone devices and BlackBerry Playbook you had a little heated when you are not using . This is possible because there is still activity in the Palybook BlackBerry, BlackBerry PlayBook means you still run certain applications that you do not realize. This also happened on the new iPad competitors.

BlackBerry Playbook is actually heating up because of the persistence of the activity on the device. Well for those of you BlackBerry PlayBook users who have experienced these events, there is a light of our tips that might be a solution to avoid your device from overheating. The following tips:

* If you are not using your BlackBerry PlayBook again or have completed to use , you should turn off the device (Power Off).
* If you are storing your device in Stand-By position, you should keep your Playbook BlackBerry device in a standing position or vertically so certainly no one who can touch the screen your device.
* Close all applications that have been completed to open. including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

May be useful ..!

Protect data on your BlackBerry with BlackBerry Protect Apps (Free)

You worry about the data if unexpected - would have thought a BlackBerry smartphone when yours is lost. To overcome your anxiety, you can use a free application that RIM's native output can be used to store all data and information on your BlackBerry. Application is called BlackBerry Protect, a free application that can be installed on any type of BlackBerry with a minimum OS version 4.6.0. BlackBerry Protect application is an application that is designed to secure all the information on your BlackBerry smartphone, if a moment is lost. If your BlackBerry is registered in the RIM server, then you can download this application and install the application on your device, and then you log in on the website where you can lock, locate or wipe whereabouts system installed in it in the future if you want from anywhere you located.

And updated version now available is version, which is designed to support for BlackBerry 5, 6, and 7, which you can get directly in BlackBerry AppWorld. If such you forget to put your BlackBerry device in the house in a state of silent so that you can not find a place to put it, then you can set it directly via the website with a loud ring so you can find it. Or if it turns out you dropped your BlackBerry device by mistake, you can send a message that will appear on the screen about how people are finding must be return back to you. exciting is not it ..!

Read magazines in BlackBerry With Zinio Free Applications

You are someone who likes to read Outside magazine? Now you no longer need to come to the store if only to buy an outdoor magazine, because now you can read a magazine - Outside magazine anywhere and anytime without having to carry the magazine. Enough to capitalize BlackBerry SmartPhone, you can already read dozens of magazines enjoy and beyond for free.

You just need to download the Zinio app, and then you install on your BlackBerry SmartPhone devices for free. Zinio is the main application for a magazine that gives readers direct access to thousands of magazine titles to read globally. And do not stop just there alone, but can be read via your BlackBerry smartphone, you can also save it directly on your Computer / notebooks you to take advantage of features synchronization between your BlackBerry device to the computer / Note you, which of course using the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.

As for the magazine - a magazine that you can read them is a magazine - famous magazines like Rolling Stone, The Economist, Hello!, U.S. Weekly, T3, Macworld, and many other well-known magazines.

Interested to try this application on your BlackBerry hardwares, please read or download directly at BlackBerry AppWorld via your BlackBerry device.

Download Video Chat Application for the BlackBerry PlayBook

For users of the BlackBerry Playbook with OS2 is no good news, if perhaps you've been annoyed that can not chat with your friends freely means they are not a BlackBerry user Plyabook, then it's time relieved because now you can chat with your friends - your other SmartPhone users like BlackBerry, iPhone, Samsung or other tablet devices like the Samsung galaxy, iPad, BlackBerry PlayBook or you can even chat with your friends - the more online via PC or Notebook. On the Official BlackBerry PlayBook (OS 2) there is now video chat application, but can only be used between fellow BlackBerry PlayBook users.

Then you might ask - ask, how to be able to chat with your friends - you are not using the BlackBerry Playbook is not even a user who is not an output device including PC RIM usual. Now you can use the AV Video Chat application. AV Video Chat merupkan AOL's video chatting applications you can get for free. Here are the steps - steps to chat with AV Chat:

* Open the browser on your BlackBerry PlayBook.
* writing aol.com / av in the address bar of the browser.
* Press Enter to open the website.
* After the page aol.com / av appear click Start a Video Chat
* Follow the steps - steps to completion and start chat.

Good luck ..!