Minggu, 11 Agustus 2013

Blackberry Tips: Fixing BB Dead

BlackBerry is not released in error issues that may not happen on a mobile phone. Especially if you are new to owning and using a BlackBerry. Using the BlackBerry is very different treatment than using a regular phone both in terms of maintenance / management / install / uninstall applications, even in the simplest case, namely battery . For that to us that the new BlackBerry users should understand and know how to care for and treat the BlackBerry SmartPhone devices.

In general, problems that occur simply because of 2 factors: factor of software or hardware factors. If at any time there is a problem or error on your BlackBerry, you should not need to rush - rush we take our BlackBerry services to the center first, because sometimes certain error we can still handle alone. First we need to know what is the error message that appears on the BlackBerry screen we have to some error, the BlackBerry will display an error message in the form of code - a code corresponding to the error that occurred.

Well what if we die total BlackBerry Flash LED only its course without any error messages that appear on screen BlackBerry. For what is likely the first one is the problem that software can not detect battere correctly (problems in battere), for this problem usually happens because we forget charge battery / charge until battery completely - completely empty. And for this kind of problem can be fixed by charge battery in a special way (read: Overcoming BlackBerry Can not Charge After Running out of power in battery), replacing battere battere with a new one, or you reinstall your BlackBerry OS (OS reload). The second possibility after you do the first solution on the possibility of yet your BlackBerry still blank, is damage to the Hardware usual on the LCD. For these conditions you need to bring your BlackBerry to BlackBerry service center.

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