Senin, 12 Agustus 2013

Blackberry Tips: How to combine History Messages, Saved In The BBM

Each chat message that you did with BlackBerry Messenger, automatically saving your BlackBerry SmartPhone. And when we are just about to start or open a new BlackBerry Messenger, the chat we've ever faithful and yet we are pleased to be deleted will be displayed as individual messages in your message folder. But you can set up a message or chat we've ever done and we can incorporate chat history rather than having separate any incoming messages and outgoing messages. And we can combine chat / messaging that includes all messages sent and received to a specific user or group in a single screen.

Conversation thread allows you to easily read the conversation and sort them by person or group. Next step - step combines the BBM message history:

* Enable Home Screen on your BlackBerry.
* Log on BlackBerry Messenger.
* Press the Menu button, then select Options.
* Block / highlight "the message that you want to merge".
* Press the menu button and then select save.

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