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Tips on Caring for and Maintaining Performance Battery BlackBerry OS 6.0

Caring for BlackBerry is actually easy, just takes patience and a little touch of the owner, then the question arises why should we care or really complicated so not like regular cell phones?, Or should we take care of their own BlackBerry devices that we have? the answer is yes, we need to take care or maintenance, the BlackBerry device as a PC, all kinds of Cell Phone SmartPhone require care to maintain the performance and performance, because each of us to open an application on your BlackBerry device then it will be safe "EVENT LOG" in memory so that if we did not perform a clear log when the BlackBerry device memory is full and we would cause the BlackBerry to be slow.

Following Tips About Caring for and Maintaining Performance Battery BlackBerry devices with OS 6.0:

* Perform "Clear Log" by pressing the ALT key and LGLG (ALT LGLG) regularly to clean up files - LOG file.
* Perform Host Routing Table, by selecting Options,> device> Advanced system settings> select Host Routing Table, then press the menu button (BB logo) and select Register Now.
* Restart your BlackBerry device by pressing ALT DEL aA (simultaneously) or by disconnecting the batteries.
* Get used to clean the History and Cache after browsing or using Facebook and Twitter.
* Get used to refresh so that the performance of the BlackBerry back to normal by pressing a combination of keys ALT DEL CAPS.
* Perform Cleaning Memory by going to the Options menu> select Security> select Advanced Security Options> Memory Cleaning and select Enable to enable it.
* Turn off the BlackBerry device if you want to sleep or can be done automatically through the Auto On / Off. Options> device> auto on / off and> checklist enabled and then set the clock to your liking.

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