Senin, 12 Agustus 2013

Blackberry Tips: How to Delete Runtime Applications Through Safe Mode

As a BlackBerry smart devices sometimes make us really enjoy it but often we also contrived dizzy from it. This is due to we can easily knock down the application on the device. Moreover, if we turn her BIS package, we can easily find and get all kinds of applications that we want both free and paid full. We only stayed open applications on our devices in Appworld. then hundreds and even thousands of unique applications can be downloaded and installed on our BlackBerry.

But apart pairs well application utility applications, games or other applications often causes the BlackBerry can not run like we usually or sometimes can cause problems as it arrived - arrived hang or freeze the screen (white / dark). And if the problem arises after you install certain applications on the BlackBerry we were previously no problem, it can be ascertained if the cause is the software, it could be because it does not support the type of our BlackBerry or no support for the OS that is installed on the BlackBerry or the installation process not perfect because there are less files due to incomplete download process. And to overcome this we would need to get rid of / uninstall the problematic application. But how do I get rid of because we are in a condition Hang BlackBerry or even in conditions FREEZE?.

Here are tips on how to remove the application that caused the BlackBerry Runtime through Safe Mode:

* Press the ALT key + right shift + del simultaneously to perform Soft Reset or you can do a Hard Reset BlackBerry by pulling the battery and put it back.
* Press the back button or exit immediately when the LED lights up red.
* Fixed press and hold the Back button or Exit for a few seconds until the Blackberry logo or writing on the screen. Wait a few moments later in the release.
* If successful, the screen will display a notification, then click 'OK'.
* Allow BlackBerry lit up in Safe Mode condition. after that you can uninstall the last apps you installed the BlackBerry cause you problems (error) and then you can restart your device.

Hope it helps ..!

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