Senin, 05 Agustus 2013

Download Blackberry Application to find a lawyer in the whole world

Perhaps this application is less useful for some people, but there is no harm if we try to share the information with respect to the legal process in the entire world. This application is an application that memebrikan some information about the law and lawyers across the continent. Multilaw application is called with a network of leading independent law firm in the world and mengangni issues - legal issues globally. The company was founded in 1990 which is an alliance of carefully selected independent and try to provide assistance - legal assistance to their clients. Until now Multilaw has covered more than 7000 lawyers in more than 150 commercial centers throughout the world.

Here are the features of this Multilaw application:

You get, look for and find the right lawyer for your needs in more than 60 countries.
You can see details of lawyers and law firms.
Dpat contact your attorney directly through the contacts that have been provided.
You can see the office of attorney by using the Zoom facility with Bing Maps.
You can directly add contacts to Outlook or contacts Multilaw your smartphone.

And Mulitlaw ensure that lawyers - lawyers who are members of multilaw a lawyer - a lawyer who has a high dedication and experience handling the case - the case law of multinational corporations and legal cases invidivdu.

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