Kamis, 01 Agustus 2013

Protect data on your BlackBerry with BlackBerry Protect Apps (Free)

You worry about the data if unexpected - would have thought a BlackBerry smartphone when yours is lost. To overcome your anxiety, you can use a free application that RIM's native output can be used to store all data and information on your BlackBerry. Application is called BlackBerry Protect, a free application that can be installed on any type of BlackBerry with a minimum OS version 4.6.0. BlackBerry Protect application is an application that is designed to secure all the information on your BlackBerry smartphone, if a moment is lost. If your BlackBerry is registered in the RIM server, then you can download this application and install the application on your device, and then you log in on the website where you can lock, locate or wipe whereabouts system installed in it in the future if you want from anywhere you located.

And updated version now available is version, which is designed to support for BlackBerry 5, 6, and 7, which you can get directly in BlackBerry AppWorld. If such you forget to put your BlackBerry device in the house in a state of silent so that you can not find a place to put it, then you can set it directly via the website with a loud ring so you can find it. Or if it turns out you dropped your BlackBerry device by mistake, you can send a message that will appear on the screen about how people are finding must be return back to you. exciting is not it ..!

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