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How to receive a gift requests in the BlackBerry App World

We can make a request or demand gifts gift that goes on BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) by the time we we're doing or in chat directly from BlackBerry AppWorld. Sometimes the gift requests entered at the time we are in chat, the request must come from our opponents in the BBM chat is usually a request to buy an application on BlackBerry AppWorld.

Here are the steps - steps to be able to buy directly from the application and subscribe to BlackBerry App World:

* A Gift Requests will be accepted in the form of chat on BBM ™ contacts for gifts.
* Open BBM chat and click View to see the demand for Gifts.
* It will then open a query in BlackBerry App World. Note: a. Opening the gift request requires BlackBerry App World 3.1 and higher. If this version is not installed, a prompt to upgrade will be presented. b. If this is the first time to ask for / buy a gift, you will be prompted to connect the application to the BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).
* Click Connect to connect the BlackBerry App World for BlackBerry Messenger,
* When prompted, insert the BlackBerry ® ID to verify authentication for purchases requested application will be presented, including the price, length of subscription (if any), description, and application content rating. To complete the purchase of gift, select Accept, and when prompted, enter the BlackBerry ID for authentication to verify the purchase. Then a screen payment details will be presented with the price and method of payment.
* Click the Buy Gifts / Gifts for completing the transaction.
* Screen successful purchase will be presented with a summary of the transaction. An email receipt will be sent to the BlackBerry ID email address of the buyer.
* Click Finish to send a notice to the applicant that the gift purchase is completed.

The process of buying gift / gifts / gift is complete ..! May be useful.!

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