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BlackBerry Tips: How to Fix Error 602 and 603

BlackBerry SmartPhone error could have occurred on your BlackBerry device, but you do not need to worry and fear because while the error is only related to both software and BlackBerry OS BlackBerry applications. And the new - the new is a common error that afflict Canadian SmartPhone devices, namely error 602 and error 603, which happens to users who recently updated BBM app nyaa to version 6.

Before we discuss how to solve this error 602 and 603, would be much better if we first understand and know the meaning of the error. Error 602 and 603 is an error message indicating that an error has occurred in the Java application on the device we are, and usually the solution is to do a hard reset will solve the problem, but if it is still problematic then the BlackBerry you should Wipe and Reload OS (install the OS). And the cause of this error is usually when you sign in to the application that is integrated with the BBM, the application automatically updates mem_verifikasi for BBID (for users who have not updated BBID) BBID when the update process is complete, you do not immediately restart your BlackBerry has updated its BBID .

Here's Tips on Saving Your BlackBerry Error 602 & 603 without having to reinstall the OS:

Ensure Reader System Tools that are on BBSAK Blackberry, Vnbbutils, BB BOSS, or tool that you normally use, already installed on your computer or laptop.
BB dg connect your computer / laptop via USB and make sure it is connected.
Press the "reset" on your BlackBerry home screen is.
when the restart process is complete, your BlackBerry will go to the home screen, then immediately you press the "Read System" in the Reader Tool System Blackberry. (on BBSAK, Vnbbutils, ect).
If you succeeded in performing the above steps, then the column will appear on the Tool reader all the files in your BlackBerry system, then hold down the "Ctrl" on your computer / laptop and then you find the file-net_rim_bbid_api,-net_rim_bbid_common, and all-net_rim_bbid_daemon COD file that is integrated with BBM app you have installed. And usually the name of the files, according to the name of the application.
Then after all the application files are found and marked, select the "Remove" or "Delete selctected files". Then the device will restart automatically and you survived BB error 602/603, and not have to reinstall the os, as well as your current data can be saved.

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