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BlackBerry Problem: How to Fix Error Reload Software: 552

Did not dismiss the possibility if the time - when certain BlackBerry devices that you use to arrive - arriving experiencing frequent error 552 or notification that you're Blackberry error information with "Reload Software 552". You do not need to be confused or afraid if your BlackBerry damaged. Error 552 occurs on a Blackberry SmartPhone error caused due to third-party applications that are not compatible with your BlackBerry or type of the application file is the installation file is corrupt (incomplete).

To overcome the error there are a few steps you need to do. The following steps - steps to resolve Error Reload Software: 552 on BlackBerry SmartPhone:

1. Download and install the BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer (we recommend using a laptop over).
2. JL_Cmder download and install the application, the application will be used to wipe (erase all the data on the system and your BlackBerry device), if it lets you back up all your contacts on your computer first.
3. Download and install the BlackBerry OS that matches the type of your BlackBerry device.
4. After the OS install complete, please go to c: \ program files \ common files \ research in motion \ apploader, and then you find vendor.xml file, delete the file.
5. Connect your BlackBerry device to your computer using a USB cable (make sure the Blackberry Desktop Manager is closed, the alias is not in active state), then you loose your Blackberry Battery.
6. Run JL_Cmder application that you install, wait for the application to connect to your BlackBerry (emerging identity and type your BlackBerry PIN).
7. Begin the process to vacate Wipe / format your Blackberry device.
8. After completion of your BlackBerry device will restart by itself and then appeared White Screen with error message 507.
9. Run the Blackberry Desktop Manager application and select Application Loader.
10. Begin to install the Operating System your BlackBerry device by following the steps that are required.
11. Your BlackBerry device will reboot again and will take about 15-30 minutes for the first boot process.
12. If the installation has been completed, replace the battery and remove the Blackberry from Computer pernagkat

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