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BlackBerry: Secrets of Use Keys Part I

If you are a new or can be said to be a beginner in using your BlackBerry is certainly less knowledge of how to optimize the use and function - the function of the BlackBerry, we will mainly discuss is about the secret in using and optimizing the use of keys / keypad on the BlackBerry.

Here are tips on using the keypad / BlackBerry button:

* Press the Escape key to exit the screen / app (or to move to the previous page in the browser)
* To move from one application to another, you can use two ways, ie press the Alt key and press the Escape the same time, hold down the Alt key and select the app you want, and then release the Alt key. While the other way is by holding the Menu button (the BlackBerry symbol) will display a few applications that you can choose.
* To return to the Home screen, press the End key (red phone picture is on the right of the keyboard).

Shortcut On You When Calling / Receiving Phone Log:

* Press the Send button (green button) to answer / receive phone calls.
* Press the Send button from any screen when no call came to see the call log / history last call.
* Press the $ (dollar sign) to turn on the speakerphone during a call you make.
* When calling, to remain in the call and return to the main screen, press the Escape key and select OK.

Shortcut On Your Want When Sending Message:

Here's a shortcut you can use when you are / unlock application message:

* Button R to reply to a message.
* Button L to reply to all messages (Reply To All).
* Button F to continue the message (Message Forward).

In a message list:

* Button C to write a message.
* ALT + U key to mark the message is opened / unopened.
* Keys ALT + I to view your inbox.
* ALT + O Button to see out the box.
* ALT key + V to see a list of Voicemail.
* Keys ALT + S to see SMS.
* ALT key + P to see the history of calls / Call Logs.
* Escape button to view all your messages again.
* SHIFT + SPACE key to move to the top of the screen.
* SPACE key to move down the screen gets.
* T button to move to the top of the message.
* Button B to move to the very bottom of the message.
* Keys N to move to the next date.
* P button to move to the previous date
* U button to move to the next unopened message.
* A button to move to the next related message.
* K button to move to the previous related message.

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