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How to Send a Note to BBM Voices

Not everyone knows that in fact there is a facility in BlackBerry Messenger voices note or voice message, so the origin of Canada's smart phone users can send voice messages (note voices) for free. Voices notes is a message in the form of voice, not the voices chat. Voices voices chat different note, the difference is that messages can be listened to voices note anytime while the message is still stored in the BBM chat.

And we can immediately reply BBM voices note that entry without having to get out of the BBM.
To send a note voices in the BBM is easy. Next step - step to transmit voice messages on BBM:

1. Open BBM on your SmartPhone.
2. Select the contact you want to send a voice message.
3. Press the menu button (BlackBerry logo).
4. Scroll down and click on the Send / Submit, and then you select the sub menu Voices Note / Voice Mail.
5. Start voice recording, you can record sound to your desired length,
6. Press the Send / Send, to send a Note Voices / Voice Mail that you created.
7. Completed.

It's easy is not it?, And we can send Voices Note to duration 1 minute, and if you want to send a long voice message, you can send them over and over - again.

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