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Keeping BlackBerry Performance By Keeping Memory Capacity

SmartPhone devices including the Blackberry has limited internal memory capacity, such as the BlackBerry 8707 type only has a capacity of at least 62 MB or BlackBerry Onyx 2 type with a fairly large memory capacity is 512 MB. So if we use memory (for installing apps) spend more than half the memory capacity up to a full course will especially impact the drastic decrease of performance that we use BlackBerry sometimes even appear hourglass or Hang. Well, how much better we keep our device performance by providing more memory space up to the performance of our BlackBerry back as usual.

To see the total memory of the device can be used by pressing alt + aA + H (for some devices like 95xx can by pressing the back button + touch screen on the upper right and left turns, for the type of blackberry 91xx by pressing the volume up take it to appear in the upper left alt key, then type "ACER") and ME HELP menu will appear, scroll down until you see the writing Free Mem and Mem Usage.

Some Ways that you can use to restore the performance of your BlackBerry performance are as follows:

1. Deleting messages (Email, SMS, BBM) which is no longer needed.
2. Removing apps - applications that are not using, such as game applications, themes etc.
3. Perform Clear Log, by pressing Alt + LGLG together and then you press the menu button and select clear log, then a pop up that informs whether we want to clear the log, and then we select delete. After the log delete, the next step is press menu again and select option. The screen changes to display EvenLogger Options, select one of the options below the list, press menu again, and select hide all types and save. This activity will make the BlackBerry we do not record all activity logs that will add to the blackberry internal memory.
4. Memory Cleaner, this application can be found in Options - Security - Advanced Security Settings - Memory Cleaning. To bring this application on the home screen, then choose from the menu and place enable Memory Cleaner Shortcut on Home Screen and do not forget to Save on lock and then unlock. After appearing on the home screen, tap the picture Memory Cleaner, this activity would be to clean up the registry at the blackberry.

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