Sabtu, 03 Agustus 2013

Secret Keys BlackBerry Curve Series

Blackberry Curve series is probably one of the Blackberry series are widely used in Indonesia. Well maybe you are the person who just bought this series or have used it a long time, but not much you can do. There are some tips that may be useful for you because it is often used, such as restarting your BlackBerry device when you just install an application or clear log to clear memory from the junk files that are no longer used and cause your BlackBerry device feels slow and often appear hourglass (loading).

The following simple but useful tips for you to apply in your BlackBerry Curve:

1. Switching Applications. Just like on a computer, you can move from one application to another with ease, but if on the computer using the ALT + TAB key combination, the BlackBerry Curve series is you can use the key combination ALT + ESC
2. To restart the device without unplugging batteries. Usually you will need to restart your BlackBerry device immediately after installing a new application or if your BlackBerry suddenly hangs, and for that you have to pull out our BlackBerry batteries. But if you use a BlackBerry Curve series, you do not need to unplug your device batteries, because you can use the key combination ALT + RIGHT SHIFT + DELETE your BlackBerry device to restart.
3. Memory Cleaning. We often run applications and switch applications without closing / terminate the application that we are open, so often our BlackBerry become slow and slow to arrive - arrived hangs. And in fact we can see the currently active application by accessing the event log, come up with the home screen, then press the ALT key and then type 'LGLG', the event log will soon appear. And you can leave your device memory in a fast way is by pressing the HOME and select 'Clear Log'.

Wondered if the above tips right - right down the street, it would not hurt if you directly apply on your BlackBerry Curve, congratulations Tried ..!

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