Minggu, 11 Agustus 2013

Blackberry Tips: How to Restore Missing Application Icon

On the BlackBerry, to access or run an application quickly we can do it via the icon - the icon screen / home screen BlackBerry. But what would happen if suddenly the icon - icon for applications - applications that we use often arrived - arrive missing or no longer on your BlackBerry home screen display, certainly confused. You do not need to be confused if this condition happens to you someday. We may unconsciously click "HIDE" so icon - the application icon on home screen display is lost or hidden.

And in fact a way to restore / retrieve the icon - the application icon is missing / hidden is very easy. The trick is to come up with a home screen and then press the BlackBerry menu button and select Show All. But if it turns out icon - the stretcher icon still does not appear, try resending your service book. And if you use your Blackberry with OS 5cobalah do steps - these steps: go to menu Options - Advanced Options - Host Routing Table and Register Now. But if you use a Blackberry with OS6 do steps - these steps: go to Options - Device - Advanced System Settings - Host Routing Table and Register Now.

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